Mystery Book with Older Russian Man Giving the Boot to Former Dance Instructor…

Susan commented that she would like to find the author of this book. Since you all are so good about identifying “missing” authors, I thought the sooner the better. I know the frustration involved when I can’t place an author.


Looking for a mystery about a former dance instructor who is dumped by her husband, an older Russian man who is on a “Dancing with the Stars” kind of show. The woman has to go live with her father in a Seniors community.

This just came out and I cannot remember the title of the book. Please help!

Yikes, I guess I’m going to have to come clean and tell you that Susan posted this comment in October 2012, that should help with the last clue she provided in her description.

Thank you!


  1. Susan* says

    Details don’t quite match, but possibly “Quickstep to Murder” by Ella Barrick?
    Dance instructor Stacy Graysin catches her fiancee ‘en flagrante’ with another (female) dancer and breaks off the engagement. When the fiancee is murdered, she is suspected, etc…
    She takes on an older Russian man as her partner in an upcoming professional dance competition, and as a fellow instructor at her studio.
    This was published in Sept 2011, if that helps.

  2. linda c says

    I sure don’t know what this book could be but I sure hope someone does because it sure does seem to be an interesting book.

  3. Linda says

    I think Susan* might be talking about a book called Waltz This Way by Dakota Cassidy. This is the 3rd in a 3-book…well, it isn’t actually a series. I don’t know what to call it–Different main characters in each of the books, but the main characters of the other two books make appearances. I enjoyed all three, but they are definitely not cozies!

    • Susan* says

      Actually Linda, it’s not ‘me’ who’s looking for the book! Lol!
      I appended the asterisk to my name, on here, because there are (Or were) two Susans – who both spell their name the same way! :)

      • Linda says

        Susan*, So sorry! Good thinking about adding the asterisk to your name. I run into that problem with my name all the time. Obviously, Linda is not the most exotic of names!! LOL

  4. Linda says

    By the way, I love your site. I visit it every day, but this is my first time commenting. I find lots of great cozies here!

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