Mystery Books that Take Place in Louisiana…

Here are some Louisiana facts:
The capital is Baton Rouge.
The largest city is New Orleans.
State motto is “Union, Justice, and Confidence.”
State nickname is Sportsman’s Paradise.
State flower is the Magnolia Blossom.
State bird is the Eastern Brown Pelican.

Mystery authors who are found on the Cozy Mystery Site who feature Louisiana locations/settings in their books:

S. H. Baker: Dassas Cormier Mystery Series…

Jacklyn Brady (aka Sherry Lewis): Piece of Cake Mystery Series…

Ellen Byron: Cajun Country Mystery Series…

Laura Childs: Scrapbooking Mystery Series…

Barbara Colley: Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series…

Jana DeLeon: Ghost-in-Law Mystery Series…

Jana DeLeon: Miss Fortune Mystery Series

Sophie Dunbar: Eclaire Mystery Series…

Charlaine Harris: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery Series…

Rose Pressey: Chase Charley Mystery Series…

Julie Smith:  Skip Langdon Mystery Series…

Please feel free to comment if you see an author from the Cozy Mystery Site who belongs on this list, or if you have any corrections.

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  1. Misty says

    Thank you so much for the list of Louisiana authors. You have given me more choices to look for at the public library. I would definitely recommend the Charlotte LaRue series. Thanks for such a great site.

  2. Jan says

    I recently read a mystery that took place in New Orleans about a young woman from, I think, Boston,who inherited a house on the coast of Louisiana from her best friend who died of cancer. She was also made guardian of her friend’s daughter. I can’t remember the name of the author. does anyone know?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I’m sorry, Jan, it doesn’t look like any of us know the name of your author…

    • BB says

      Jan, twice after reading your post, I tried to find this book because I am almost certain that I read a book description last year that would fit (didn’t read the book itself). It would have been a fairly new (within the past four years) Kindle book – possibly free. Not sure it mentioned where the main character was from, but I think she inherited a plantation from a friend who died and became guardian for her daughter. Seems like the property was in a swamp. Does that sound right?

      Perhaps if Danna poses the question in another name-this-book post someone will know. Her new threads usually elicit more responses.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Jan & BB, I have made a note in my “Blog Entries” folder, and hope to post an entry about it in the future. I have been so terrible about getting comments posted that I am currently playing catch-up, with hopes for at least making a dent in the list.

  3. Teri says

    What about Deanna Chase and the Jade Calhoun series in New Orleans? I just found these and they were a fun read. Some mystery, romance and a bit of the paranormal all rolled into one. Found on kindle at amazon and all in the 3.99 range.

  4. ima says

    I really enjoy the maryjanice Davidson books… got hooked on them like dead and unemployed… what a hoot.. just finished the m.c. beaton, Agatha raisen stories love them

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