Mystery Books that Take Place in the State of Washington

Here are some Fun Washington Facts:
Washington is the only state that was named for a US president, and its flag is the only one to have the picture of a president. State Capital: Olympia. State Flower: Coast (Pink) Rhododendron.  State Motto: Al-Ki (translated means “by and by”)

Authors who are found on the Cozy Mystery Site and who feature Washington (state) locations in their books:

K.K. Beck: Jane Da Silva Mystery Series

Leslie Budewitz: Seattle Spice Shop Mystery Series

Waverly CurtisBarking Detective Mystery Series

Mary Daheim: Emma Lord Mystery Series AND Hillside Manor Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series

Jo Dereske: Miss Zukas Mystery Series

Kathie Deviny: Grace Church Mystery Series

Deborah DonnellyCarnegie Kincaid Mystery Series

Sharon Duncan: Scotia MacKinnon Mystery Series

Aaron Elkins: Gideon Oliver Mystery Series AND  Chris Norgren Mystery Series

G.M. Ford: Leo Waterman Mystery Series AND Frank Corso Series

Linda French: Professor Teodora Morelli Mystery Series

Yasmine Galeron (aka India Ink): Whisper Hollow Mystery Series

India Ink (aka Yasmine Galenorn): Bath and Body Mystery Series

J.A. Jance: J.P. Beaumont Mystery Series

E. L. Larkin: Demary Jones Mystery Series

Cricket McRae: Home Crafting Mystery Series

Deborah Morgan: Antique Lovers’ Mystery Series

Lynne Murray: Josephine Fuller Mystery Series

Liz Osborne: Robyn Kelly Mystery Series

Bernadette Pajer: Professor Bradshaw Mystery Series

T. Dawn Richard: May List Mystery Series

Arlene Sachitano: Harriet Truman Loose Threads Mystery Series

Please feel free to contact me if you see an author from the Cozy Mystery Site who belongs on this list, or if you have any comments.

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  1. NovaJean says

    I am in Heaven!!! I just discovered your site yesterday and I love it!!!! I have been hooked on cozies for years; and now I can find all my favorite authors and books at one site!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. says


    What a great idea to have a list of cozies based in a certain state or area of the country. I also saw the list for Washington, DC. It’s truly amazing how many cozy mystery authors and characters there are now days. What a fantastic choice we readers have in venue and theme.

    Thanks for putting this together for your readers. As always, I love visiting your site.

  3. Cindy says


    Someone else to add to your list is Cricket McRae. She has a Bath and Body series that is set in fictional Cadyville, Washington, that is actually taken from Snohomish WA, my hometown.


  4. Deb says

    Hey Danna,
    I love your site! Today I searched for author Ellen Harris. You had her listed and had written (I don’t know when) :
    “I will try to find other books that she has written in the near future……..”

    She is Brenda Witchger (aka Brynn Bonner) and has written for the Guidepost Mysteries of Sparrow Island Series (fictional San Juan island in Washington). Her first is the second in the series, Flight of the Raven. (The first in the series is Whispers Through the Trees by Susan Plunkett and Krysteen Seelen). Others by Ellen Harris are: Nature’s Bounty, Angels Among Us, Echoes from the Past, The Call of the Loon, and A Beautiful Sound.
    Hope this helps. I know it must be a lot of work to keep your site up to date, but it is obviously enjoyed by many like me who share your love of cozies. Thank you very much!

  5. says

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks so much for writing and telling us about Ellen Harris AND also, for writing about your enjoyment of the site.

    I looked up Ellen Harris, and you’re right, she has written all of the books you listed. (I am guessing that the Ellen Harris who writes the true crime novels is a different person.)

    Thanks, again!

  6. Deb says

    Hey Danna,

    I believe your Ellen Harris and mine are the same. Check out her website at The true crime books are not listed, but they were mentioned in the flap of one of the other books she has written. She also wrote a short story for Tar Heel dead : tales of mystery and mayhem from North Carolina / edited by Sarah R. Shaber ; foreword by Margaret Maron.
    Your site is one of my very favorites. It is the first place I look to find updates for my current reading list and suggestions for a new series to start. One of the many reasons I love your site is that it has interesting information about the authors, some of whom have quite a few alias.
    Thank you for all your efforts in keeping up your lists.

  7. says

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks, again, for the kind words about the site.

    I went on the Brenda Witcher website a two days ago… but since I couldn’t find any information about her two true crime books, I thought for sure she was a different author. I noticed that at one point, while looking at different sources, she was even listed as Ellen F. Harris. Thank you for letting us know about the book flap… a great source for information.

    I know that I have mentioned this before, but I simply do not understand why authors have so many aliases or different websites which don’t include all of the information a reader might want to know – before making a decision to read them or not.

    Thanks, again………

  8. Terry says

    I like to read novels set in places where I’m planning to travel. Next up is OR and here is your fabulous site that enabled me to find just what I was looking for. You rock!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Terry, Oregon is the setting for more mystery series than I had expected to see. Now, if you were going to New York or California, you would have a huge selection from which to pick…

  9. Julie says

    Just to let you know, Earl Emerson lives and writes mysteries about the Seattle area. He has two different characters, a homicide detective and a fireman. They are awesome reads and should be added to your wonderful list. Thanks

  10. Moonfyre says

    thanks so much for this wonderful and informative website! its so helpful when trying to figure out what to read, who wrote which series, etc. I would love to find a cozy mystery series that is set in Hawaii. (maybe one day I’ll have to write one!) LOL

    • says

      Moonfrye, I’m glad you find the site helpful, and thank you for the kind words about it. Jill Marie Landis write the Tiki Goddess Mystery Series, which is set in Hawaii. Landis is on the site.

      JoAnn Bassett writes the Islands of Aloha Mystery Series, which starts out with Maui Widow Waltz. (She is on my list of authors to get posted to the site, which I really should get going on!)

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