Mystery Books that Take Place in Virginia:

Here are some Fun Virginia Facts:
The largest city is Virginia Beach, and the capital is Richmond.
State motto is “Thus always to tyrants.”
State bird is the Cardinal.
State flower is the American Dogwood.
Virginia got its name in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.

Authors who are found on the Cozy Mystery Site and who feature Virginia locations in their books:

Beverly Allen (aka Barbara Early): Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery Series

Donna Andrews: Meg Langslow Mystery Series

David Baldacci: Maxwell & King Mystery Series

Josie Belle (aka Jenn McKinlay & Lucy Lawrence): Good Buy Girls Mystery Series

Miranda Bliss: Cooking Class Mystery Series

Rita Mae Brown: Mrs. Murphy Mystery Series AND Foxhunting Mystery Series

Mollie Cox Bryan: Cumberland Creek Mystery Series

Taffy Cannon (aka Emily Toll): Roxanne Prescott Mystery Series

Alyse Carlson: Garden Society Mystery Series

Patricia Cornwell: Kay Scarpetta Mystery Series AND  Judy Hammer Mystery Series

Ellen Crosby: Wine Country Mystery Series

Krista Davis: Domestic Diva Mystery Series

Krista DavisPaws and Claws Mystery Series

Laura DiSilverio (aka Ella Barrick & Lila Dare): Mall Cop Mystery Series

Honora Finkelstein & Susan Smily: Ariel Quigley Mystery Series

John J. Lamb: Bear Collector’s Mystery Series

Graham Landrum: Club Mystery Series

Ann McMillan: Civil War Mystery Series

Ann Ripley: Gardening Mystery Series

Susan Smily & Honora Finkelstein: Ariel Quigley Mystery Series

J.B. Stanley (aka Jennifer Stanley & Ellery Adams): Supper Club Mystery Series

Jennifer Stanley (aka J. B. Stanley & Ellery Adams): Hope Street Church Mystery Series

Gayle Trent (aka Amanda Lee): Daphne Martin (Cake Decorating) Mystery Series

LynDee Walker: Headlines in Heels Mystery Series

Please feel free to contact me if you see an author from the Cozy Mystery Site who belongs on this list, or if you have any comments.

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  1. I feel rather honor bound to investigate these! I am married to a genu-wine Virginia hillbilly from Big Stone Gap area.
    I’ve read the first Miranda Bliss and I used to read Patricia Cornwell before she got full of herself. The rest are haven’t been tried by me…yet…

  2. Ellen Crosby’s mystery series takes place in Virginia wine country!

  3. Vickie, I wonder which of us left Patricia Cornwell first! I loved her first few Kay Scarpetta mysteries, but then just got too over-loaded with the gruesome details she always included.

  4. Thanks, Marie, for reminding me. I just added Crosby to the list.

  5. No problem Danna! I live in Virginia and love finding local series. You may also want to add Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow series to your list – it takes place in the Williamsburg area.

  6. Good Grief! Two for two!

    Thanks again, Marie…

  7. Danna: grin

  8. You might want to add John Lamb and his teddy bear series which takes place in the Shenandoah Valley. And I couldn’t agree more with Patricia Cornwell – just too much blood and gore. Not my idea of cozy.

  9. Thanks, Margaret, for the John Lamb addition!

    I never thought Cornwell was cozy, but as she put out more and more books, she really seemed to want to prove that she wasn’t!

  10. I am excited to learn about this website! Gayle Trent, with Amanda Lee sometimes used as a pen name, is another great Virginia cozy mystery writer. Her cake decorating mysteries are set in Virginia: Dead Pan and The Quick and the Thread are too. She has an embroidery shop series coming out soon that is set elsewhere, but she has some wonderful Virginia mysteries. She even came to my elementary English classes and held writing workshops for my young writing students! Check out her website

  11. Thank you, Linda, for reminding me! I am going to go add her (or would that be them?!?) to the list…

  12. Just a quick note, Krista Davis “Diva Mysteries” is set in Alexandria, Virginia. I LOVE her series!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thank you, Sue, for the reminder. I will go right now and add the Domestic Diva Mystery Series (by Krista Davis) to the Virginia theme list…

  13. I absolutely love Krista Davis ! Im looking for similar authors if someone could help me out. Thanks !

  14. Shannon Hill writes a good series that takes place in Virginia and they are really great books. I have read the entire series, they will make you laugh, cry and try to figure out a mystery.

  15. I remember reading a mystery set in Virginia, maybe hunt country. The main character was new to this small town where she was the new Postmistress. All I can remember is that I really liked it but I can’t remember title or author. I know that’s vague, but…
    maybe someone knows it

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