Amish, Quaker, Shaker, & Mennonite Cozy Mystery Series

Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman (Amish Village Mystery)A Cozy Mystery reader recently wrote in a request to make a new sub-category for Amish themed Cozy Mysteries. I also decided to add Quaker, Shaker, and Mennonite themed mysteries to the list as well. Most of these are Amish themed – if I don’t say that it is Quaker, Shaker, or Mennonite >>> then it’s Amish. Here’s what we have so far, mostly provided by the requester. (Thank you, Ty, for this great Cozy Mystery theme idea!)

Amish, Quaker, Shaker, & Mennonite Cozy Mysteries:

Isabella Alan (aka Amanda Flower): Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series

Susan Wittig Albert (aka 1/2 Robin Paige): Wormwood (book #17 of China Bayles Mystery Series) (Shaker)

Irene Allen: Elizabeth Elliot Mystery Series (book #1 Quaker Silence)

Madelyn Alt: Hex Marks the Spot (book #3 Bewitching Mystery Series

Tace Baker (aka Edith Maxwell & Maddie Day): Speaking of Mystery Mystery Series (Quaker Linguistics professor)

Laura Bradford (aka Elizabeth Lynn Casey): Amish Mystery Series

Linda CastilloKate Burkholder Series (book #1 Sworn to Silence) (thriller, not Cozy)

Vannetta Chapman: Amish Village Mystery Series (book #1 Murder Simply Brewed), Shipshewana Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series (book #1 Falling to Pieces)

Hearse and Buggy by Laura BradfordJacqueline Fiedler: Amish Butter (story found in Unholy Orders: Mystery Stories with a Religious Twist anthology)

Amanda Flower (aka Isabella Alan): Appleseed Creek Mystery Series

P.L. Gaus: Ohio Amish Mystery Series

Shelley Shepard Gray: Secrets of Crittenden County Series (book #1 Missing)

Karen Ann Harper: Maplecreek Amish Trilogy & Home Valley Amish Mystery Series

Eleanor Kuhns: Will Rees Mystery Series (book #1 A Simple Murder & book #3 Cradle to Grave) (Shaker)

Edith Maxwell: Carriagetown Mystery Series  (Quaker)

Emma Miller: Amish Mystery Series (book #1 Plain Murder)

Tamar Myers: Pennsylvania Dutch Inn Mystery Series (Mennonite)

Marta PerryThree Sisters Inn Series (book #1 Hide in Plain Sight), Watcher in the Dark Series (book #1 Home by Dark), Amish Suspense Series (book #1 Lost in Plain Sight)

Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan (aka Amanda Flowers)Deborah Woodworth: Shaker Mystery Series (Shaker)

Barbara Workinger: Amish Country Mystery Series (book #1 In Dutch Again)

Ron Yeakley: Death Takes a Buggy Ride

Can you think of any Amish, Quaker, or Shaker themed Cozies to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ellie Alexander, Sherry Harris, Christine Husom, Maggie King, Ruth Moose: Five New Cozy Authors on the Cozy Mystery Site

It’s time once again to add another set of authors, taken as usual from your suggestions… This time I’ll be adding five new authors, most of whom only have one series (though one has a non-Cozy Mystery series many of you may enjoy!)

alexander22222222222222sd;gjasokgbs;m ;zvm Ellie Alexander    Alexander writes the Bakeshop Mystery Series, a Cozy series featuring Jules Capshaw, both an employee at her family Torte Bakeshop and an amateur sleuth living in a quaint Oregon town. Recipes are included in the series. (Meet Your Baker is the first in Bakeshop Mystery Series.)



harris2222222222222;ja;ga;fga;jSherry Harris    Harris is the writer of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery Series. A recent divorcée, Sarah’s always looking for a bargain – but sometimes she finds murder instead, and when that happens she’s quick to help get to the bottom of any mystery! (Tagged for Death is the first book in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery Series.)



husom11111111111ga'jaPTJPJBGSDFGChristine Husom    Husom is the author of the Snow Globe Shop Mystery Series, starring Minnesotan Cami Brooks. Cami is an instructor on snow globe construction, as well as the manager of a gift shop. She uses her unique ability to see crime scenes in snow globes to help solve crimes. Husom writes another series set in Minnesota, the Winnebago County Mystery Series, a mystery thriller series. (Snow Way Out is the first book in the Snow Globe Shop Mystery Series.)

king111111111111a;zlelekazssMaggie King    King is the author of the Book Group Mystery Series, a series starring amateur sleuth and professional romance writer, Hazel Rose. (Murder at the Book Group is the first in the Book Group Mystery Series.)




moose222222222222askfjal;jf;lajl;djfval;jsRuth Moose     A North Carolina resident, Moose writes the Beth McKenzie Mystery series. The Dixie Dew is a small bed and breakfast in Littleboro, North Carolina, run by proprietor Beth McKenzie. When tragedy strikes at her small business and home, she’s forced to help solve the crime to keep her business afloat! (Doing It at the Dixie Dew is the first book in the Beth McKenzie Mystery Series.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February18Just a quick Valentine’s Day greeting. My husband decided years ago that we didn’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day, since every day is a Valentine’s Day for us. Hmmm…. We were at the grocery store yesterday (not a high-end florist shop) and I saw rose arrangements selling for $149.99 and chocolate-covered strawberries for $2.99 a piece! >>> I think I know why he doesn’t think we need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Oh, well, I guess I can forgive my tech guy for not being a romantic!

Also, he told me a nice gift to him would be for me to make him his favorite breakfast rolls, and his gift to me would be his smile of enjoyment as he ate them!

Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL!

Wolfe Pack’s Black Orchid Novella Writing Contest

Fer-de-Lance by Rex StoutI am guessing we have a few aspiring authors out there who might want to take advantage of this terrific contest. The Wolfe Pack (as in Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe) and the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine are hosting their 9th annual Black Orchid Novella contest. If you have visited the Awards pages on the Cozy Mystery site, then you have most likely seen the Black Orchid Novella award contest winners of the past.

The contest is intended for 15,000 to 20,000 word mystery works adhering to the spirit of the Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout, one of the longest and most recognized Cozy Mystery series. This year, nominations are being organized by Jane K. Cleland, a popular modern Cozy author who is featured on the site!

As would be expected of any Cozy-friendly contest, the entries are expected to have no graphic violence or sex, while showcasing the talents of a detective to his/her fullest. Also, the novellas cannot have been published before. The winner will be announced at the Wolfe Pack’s Annual Black Orchid Banquet in December, and will net the winner a $1,000 prize and publication in the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine!

You better hurry up and start writing your novellas, because the entries have to be postmarked May 31, 2015! You can find all of the details at

Edie Claire’s Never Buried

Never Buried by Edie ClaireAs many of you know, I’m a fan of Edie Claire‘s Leigh Koslow “Never” Mystery Series. The first book in this series, Never Buried, establishes Leigh Koslow, somewhat-down-on-her-luck advertising writer whose strong community ties to the small Pittsburgh-adjacent borough of Avalon help her solve various mysteries that seem to plague her and her friends.

Sometimes when you pick up a book by a relatively unknown author, you feel a bit surprised to learn that this is their first professionally released book. Edie Claire‘s Never Buried was one of those books for me. The level of writing, especially the natural quality of the dialogue between Leigh, her cousin Cara, and former roommate Maura all feel like they were written by someone with at least a few books under her belt.

Unfortunately Claire left the Cozy Mystery arena for a decade, but she’s back >>> in the last few years she seems to have returned to the fold and picked up her Leigh Koslow series, once again releasing a steady book per year – great news for lovers of terrific Cozy Mysteries!

MJ’s really thorough January 2015 Mystery Book Recommendation got me thinking that I should really write something about Edie Claire. She’s a Cozy Mystery author you really shouldn’t miss! Here’s MJ’s recommendation:

Never Preach Past Noon — Edie Claire

I started two other books, both of which I read previous books in the series. I just couldn’t get beyond page 30 or 40. In one the story line was just two heavy and in the other, for some odd reason, I disliked the characters.

So I decided to read the third book in the ‘Never’ series by Edie Claire (a series I started reading because Danna gave it such high praise). I was so excited Ms. Claire hadn’t deviated from the quality writing of the previous two books. It is quick, witty, and evenly paced. I love the characters – so diverse, well developed, and some even a bit offbeat.

In one scene Leigh Koslow (protagonist) needs to call 911. She searches around for a pay phone. WOW! I thought I was reading ‘historical fiction’!!

The romantic story line is almost as compelling as the mystery storyline. I couldn’t wait to get to the end to see how the ‘romance’ situation was resolved.

I then read a couple of other books and decided to read the 4th book in this series, “Never Kissed Goodnight’. I’m not going to go on and on, but suffice it to say, “It is EXCELLENT”.

Originally I thought ‘Death is Like a Box of Chocolates’ would be my favorite book for this month. But after reading ‘Never Kissed Goodnight’ it went straight to the top of the list. What a surprise on the first page!

P.S. Never Buried in Kindle format is FREE right now!

Free, Cheap, or On Sale Kindle Mysteries – February 2015

Here are some of this month’s FREE and cheap Kindle books that I have run across recently. The list includes Kindle books that are currently less than $5.00 as of the time of this posting.


Barbara AllanAntiques Roadkill by Barbara Allan

Antiques Roadkill ….. $4.30 (book #1)

Antiques Flee Market ….. $4.30 (book #3)

Antiques Bizarre ….. $4.58 (book #4)

Antiques Slay Ride ….. $1.99 (Christmas Novella)

Antiques Fruitcake ….. $1.99 (Christmas Novella)


Bombshell ….. $4.99


Conrad AllenMurder on the Lusitania by Conrad Allen  (aka Edward Marston and Keith Miles)

Murder on the Lusitania ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Murder on the Mauretania ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Murder on the Minnesota ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Murder on the Caronia ….. $2.99 (book #4)

Murder on the Marmora ….. $2.99 (book #5)

Murder on the Salsette ….. $2.99 (book #6)

Murder on the Oceanic ….. $2.99 (book #7)

Murder on the Celtic ….. $2.99 (book #8)

Written as Edward Marston:

The Railway Detective ….. $3.74 (book #1)


The Crime at Black Dudley by Margery AllinghamA Bespoke Murder ….. $3.74 (book #1)


Margery Allingham

Crime at the Black Dudley ….. $1.99 (book #1)


Lori Avocato
A Dose of Murder by Lori AvocatoPAULINE SOKOL MYSTERY Series:

A Dose of Murder ….. $3.79 (book #1)

The Stiff and the Dead ….. $3.99 (book #2)

One Dead Under the Cuckoo’s Nest ….. $3.79 (book #3)

Deep Sea Dead ….. $4.74 (book #4)

Nip, Tuck, Dead ….. $4.74 (book #5)

Dead on Arrival ….. $2.99 (book #6)

Dead Weight ….. $3.99 (book #7)


Sugarplums and Scandal ….. $3.99 (Anthology w/ Mary Daheim, Dana Cameron, Kerrelyn Sparks, Suzanne Macpherson, & Cait London)


K. K. BeckDeath in a Deck Chair by K.K. Beck

Death in a Deck Chair ….. $3.99 (book #1)

Murder in a Mummy Case ….. $3.99 (book #2)

Peril Under the Palms ….. $3.99 (book #3)


Death of a Prom King ….. $0.99 (written as Marie Oliver)

The Body in the Volvo ….. $2.99

Young Mrs. Cavendish and the Kaiser’s Men ….. $2.99

Unwanted Attentions ….. $2.99

Without a Trace ….. $2.99

Bad Neighbors ….. $3.99


Jerry BledsoeBitter Blood by Jerry Bledsoe
True Crime (not Cozy):

Bitter Blood ….. $4.99

Blood Games ….. $4.99

Before He Wakes ….. $4.99

Death Sentence ….. $4.99


Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)

Under the Hill ….. FREE (novella)


Jana DeLeonLouisiana Longshot by Jana DeLeon

Louisiana Longshot ….. FREE (book #1)


Trouble in Mudbug ….. FREE (book #1)


Honor Hartman (aka Miranda James, Jimmie Ruth Evans, & Dean James)

The Unkindest CutThe Unkindest Cut by Honor Hartman (aka Miranda James, Jimmie Ruth Evans, & Dean James) ….. $3.99 (book #2)

Written as Dean James:

Cruel as the Grave ….. $3.99 (book #1)

Closer than the Bones ….. $3.99 (book #2)

Death by Dissertation ….. $3.99 (book #3)


Jonnie Jacobs

Murder Among Neighbors by Jonnie JacobsShadow of Doubt ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Evidence of Guilt ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Motion to Dismiss ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Witness for the Defense ….. $2.99 (book #4)

Cold Justice ….. $2.99 (book #5)

Intent to Harm ….. $2.99 (book #6)

The Next Victim ….. $2.99 (book #7)


Murder Among Neighbors ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Murder Among Friends ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Murder Among Us ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Murder Among Strangers ….. $2.99 (book #4)


The Only Suspect ….. $2.99

Paradise Falls ….. $2.99

Death by a Honey Bee by Abigail KeamLying with Strangers ….. $4.99


Abigail Keam

Death by a Honey Bee ….. FREE (book #1)


Marne Davis Kellogg
Brilliant by Marne Davis KelloggKICK KESWICK MYSTERY Series:

Brilliant ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Priceless ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Perfect ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Friends in High Places ….. $2.99 (book #4)


Ellen Edwards Kennedy

Irregardless of Murder ….. $2.99 (book #1)


Gail Lukasik Destroying Angels by Gail Lukasik

Destroying Angels ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Death’s Door ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Peak Season for Murder ….. $3.99 (book #3)


D. R. Meredith

Murder in Volume by D.R. MeredithMurder in Volume ….. $2.99 (book #1)

By Hook or by Book ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Murder Past Due ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Tome of Death ….. $2.99 (book #4)

Murder by the Book ….. $2.99 (book #5)


The Sheriff and the Panhandle Murders ….. $2.99 (book #1)

The Sheriff and the Branding Iron Murders ….. $2.99 (book #2)

The Sheriff and the Folsom Man Murders ….. $2.99 (book #3)

The Sheriff and the Pheasant Hunt Murders ….. $2.99 (book #4)

The Homefront Murders ….. $2.99 (book #5)


Murder by Impulse ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Murder by Deception ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Murder by Masquerade ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Murder by Reference ….. $2.99 (book #4)

Murder by Sacrilege ….. $2.99 (book #5)


A Time Too Late ….. $3.99 (book #1)

The Reckoning ….. $3.99 (book #2)


Highwater ….. $2.99 (novella)

Mummy No. 50 ….. $0.99 (story)

Incident on 6th Street ….. $0.99 (story)

Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody*****************************

Tyora Moody

Shattered Dreams ….. $0.99 (story)

Deep Fried Trouble ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Oven Baked Secrets ….. $2.99 (book #2)


Rosemary Stevens  (aka Rosemary Martin)

Death on a Silver Tray by Rosemary Stevens (aka Rosemary Martin)Death on a Silver Tray ….. $3.99 (book #1)

The Tainted Snuff Box ….. $3.99 (book #2)

The Bloodied Cravat ….. $3.99 (book #3)

Murder in the Pleasure Gardens ….. $3.99 (book #4)

Written as Rosemary Martin:

It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Twist & Shout Murder ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Secret Agent Girl ….. $2.99 (book #3)


A Dash of Murder by Teresa TrentTeresa Trent

A Dash of Murder ….. $3.99 (book #1)

Overdue for Murder ….. $3.99 (book #2)

Doggone Dead ….. $3.99 (book #3)

Buzzkill ….. $3.99 (book #4)

Burnout ….. $3.99 (book #5)

Murder for a Rainy Day ….. $3.99 (book #6)


Kathryn R. Wall

In for a Penny ….. $2.99 (book #1)

And Not a Penny More ….. $2.99 (book #2)


Nina Wright

Whiskey on the Rocks ….. $3.99 (book #1)

blogjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjsdtgpojapregjpabmWhiskey Straight Up ….. $3.99 (book #2)

Whiskey and Tonic ….. $3.99 (book #3)

Whiskey and Water ….. $3.99 (book #4)

Whiskey with a Twist ….. $3.99 (book #5)

Whiskey and Soda ….. $3.99 (book #6)

Whiskey, Large ….. $3.99 (book #7)


Collected Works of Anna Katharine Green ….. $1.99 (25 books)

Afternoon Tea Mysteries, Volume One: A Collection of Cozy MysteriesAfternoon Tea Mysteries, Vol. 1: A Collection of Cozy Mysteries ….. $0.99 (anthology)

Afternoon Tea Mysteries, Volume Two: A Collection of Cozy Mysteries ….. $0.99 (anthology)

Afternoon Tea Mysteries, Volume Three: A Collection of Cozy Mysteries ….. $0.99 (anthology)


Also, I try not to reuse the same authors from the last six “regular” (non-holiday) posts, so you might be interested in some of the following posts:

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Free and Cheap Kindle Mystery Books

(All of these Kindle mysteries that I have listed above are on sale right now, but I don’t know how long this will last, so please check the price before you get one.)

Conrad Allen’s Dillman and Masefield Mystery Series

Murder on the Lusitania by Conrad AllenI have written about Conrad Allen‘s Dillman Mystery Series before. (Actually, it’s called the Dillman and Masefield Mystery Series, but I find that to be a little bit of a SPOILER!) Well, since I just finished reading one of the Allen’s Dillman mysteries, I thought I would (again!) tell you about this series. I consider this series something of a “classic”, the Dillman and Masefield Mystery Series all takes place in a series of interesting venues – trans-Atlantic voyages at the turn of the 20th century.

Besides fitting comfortably within the Cozy Mystery formula, the Dillman and Masefield Mystery Series also qualifies as something of a historical mystery. Though started by Conrad Allen in 1999 with the release of Murder on the Lusitania, the books all take place in the early 20th century, with the first taking place on the maiden voyage of the Lusitania in 1906, the vessel whose sinking in 1915 would eventually lead to the entrance of America into World War I.

As with most good historical mysteries, the Dillman and Masefield series takes full advantage of its setting, using the bygone era to help paint a more “ideal” version of the setting, rather than the often more messy reality of the time. For a novel to truly qualify as a historical novel, it can’t take place during the author’s own time – so novels such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot series, which take place in what would now be considered the past, don’t usually qualify as historical since they took place in roughly the same era that Christie herself was writing.

The specific setting Allen selected, the early 1900s, make a particularly good period to set such novels due to the relatively peaceful nature of the decade. At the same time, the rising tensions before the actual outbreak of war are enough to help set the stage for intrigue among the passengers. The decade also benefits from perhaps being a bit less well entrenched in the minds of many readers than some alternatives – it manages to possess the prosperity of the roaring ’20s, without necessarily possessing the widespread cultural change from that particular decade.

Besides the charm of the setting, Allen also does a good job of making likeable protagonists and supporting cast. The first novel in particular is interesting since he takes his time in revealing the secrets and pasts of the main protagonists. Many authors are in too much of a hurry when they first introduce their sleuths, quick to drop as much exposition as possible to help get their characteristics across. Instead, George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield are introduced more gradually, letting the reader come to like them through their interactions with the rest of the cast, so that when we learn about their pasts we’re more interested in them as characters whose company we already enjoy.

All told, I thoroughly enjoy this series and can recommend it to anyone seeking quality Cozy Mystery reading. The only suggestion I would make to readers is that perhaps they should space out their Dillman and Masefield mysteries. The setting of a grand ship making the trans-Atlantic passage in the 1900s is certainly interesting, but reading several novels with the same interesting setting in quick succession might wear slightly on the novelty. Conrad Allen has also written several other series, under his actual name of Keith Miles and his Edward Marston pseudonym.