Free, Cheap, or On Sale Kindle Mysteries – January 2015

Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters (Amelia Peabody Mystery, book #1)Here are some of the FREE and cheap Kindle books that I’ve found lately. As always, this list is made up of Kindle books that are less than $5.00, as of the time of this posting. (I have included several Cozy Mysteries at the bottom of the list that are FREE right now.)


Hannah Alexander

Hideaway ….. $4.74 (book #1)

Safe Haven ….. $4.74 (book #2)

Last Resort ….. $4.74 (book #3)

Note of Peril ….. $4.50 (book #4)

Fair Warning ….. $4.74 (book #5)

Under Suspicion ….. $4.50 (book #6)

Death Benefits ….. $3.49 (book #8)

Hideaway Home ….. $3.49 (book #10)


Terri L. Austin


Diners, Dives & Dead Ends ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Last Diner Standing ….. $3.99 (book #2)

Diner Impossible ….. $3.99 (book #3)

Heartache Motel (w/ Larissa Reinhart & LynDee Walker) …. $2.99
contains Diners Keepers, Losers Weepers (novella)


Clara Benson

The Murder at Sissingham Hall ….. $1.29 (book #1)

The Mystery at Underwood House ….. $3.99 (book #2)

The Treasure at Poldarrow Point ….. $3.99 (book #3)

The Riddle at Gipsy’s Mile ….. $3.99 (book #4)

The Incident at Fives Castle ….. $3.99 (book #5)

The Imbroglio at the Villa Pozzi ….. $3.99 (book #6)

The Problem at Two Tithes ….. $3.99 (book #7)


Sheila Connolly
Relatively Dead by Sheila Connolly (Relatively Dead Mystery, book #1)MUSEUM MYSTERY Series:

Dead Letters  ….. $2.99 (Short Story)


Relatively Dead ….. $3.99 (book #1)

Seeing the Dead ….. $3.99 (book #2)


Once She Knew ….. $2.99

The Rising of the Moon ….. $0.99 (Story)

Reunion with Death ….. $3.99

An Open Book ….. $2.99 (novella)


Deborah Crombie
KINCAID & JAMES Mysteries:

Now You May Weep ….. $4.74 (book #9)

In a Dark House ….. $4.74 (book #10)

Water Like a Stone ….. $1.99 (book #11)


Laura DurhamBetter Off Wed by Laura Durham (Annabelle Archer Mystery, book #1)

Better Off Wed ….. $4.74 (book #1)

For Better or Hearse ….. $4.74 (book #2)

To Love and to Perish ….. $4.74 (book #3)


Ilsa Evans

Nefarious Doings ….. FREE (book #1)

Ill-Gotten Gains ….. $2.99 (book #2)


Nancy Mehl

Missing Mabel ….. $4.99 (book #1)

Bumping Off Binky …. $4.99 (book #2)

A Wedding to Dye For ….. $4.99 (book #3)


Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Cat Laughing Last ….. $4.99 (book #7)

Cat Breaking Free ….. $4.99 (book #11)

Cat Deck the Halls ….. $1.99 (book #13)

Cat on the Money ….. $1.99 (Novella)


Motherhood is Murder ….. $3.99 (Anthology w/ Mary Daheim, Carolyn Hart, & Jane Isenberg)


Elizabeth Peters   (aka Barbara Michaels & Barbara Mertz)

Crocodile on the Sandbank ….. $2.99 (book #1)

The Curse of the Pharaohs ….. $2.99 (book #2)

The Mummy Case ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Lion in the Valley ….. $2.99 (book #4)

The Deeds of the Disturber ….. $2.99 (book #5)

The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog ….. $4.74 (book #7)

The Hippopotamus Pool ….. $2.99 (book #8)

The Ape Who Guards the Balance ….. $2.99 (book #10)

The Falcon at the Portal ….. $2.99 (book #11)

Guardian of the Horizon ….. $2.99 (book #16)

Street of Five Moons by Elizabeth Peters (Vicky Bliss Mystery, book #2)VICKY BLISS Series:

Street of the Five Moons ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Silhouette in Scarlet ….. $4.74 (book #3)

Trojan Gold ….. $4.99 (book #4)


Devil May Care ….. $4.99

Written as Barbara Michaels:

Ammie, Come Home ….. $4.74

Prince of Darkness ….. $3.79

The Dark on the Other Side ….. $0.99

Patriot’s Dream ….. $3.79

Black Rainbow ….. $4.74

The Grey Beginning ….. $0.99

Search the Shadows ….. $4.74

Other Worlds ….. $0.99

The Grey Beginning ….. $0.99


Dell Shannon  (aka Leslie Egan, Elizabeth Linington, & Anne Blaisdell)

Case Pending ….. $2.99 (book #1)

The Ace of Spades ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Extra Kill ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Knave of Hearts ….. $2.99 (book #4)

Death of a Busybody ….. $2.99 (book #5)

Double Bluff ….. $2.99 (book #6)

Mark of Murder ….. $2.99 (book #8)

Root of All Evil ….. $2.99 (book #9)

Death by InchesPillow Stalk by Diane Vallere (Mad for Mod Mystery, book #1) ….. $2.99 (book #10)

Coffin Corner ….. $2.99 (book #11)

With a Vengeance ….. $2.99 (book #12)

Chance to Kill ….. $2.99 (book #13)

Rain with Violence ….. $2.99 (book #14)

Kill with Kindness ….. $2.99 (book #15)

Crime on Their Hands ….. $2.99 (book #16)

Schooled to Kill ….. $2.99 (book #17)

Unexpected Death ….. $2.99 (book #18)

Whim to Kill ….. $2.99 (book #19)

The Ringer ….. $2.99 (book #20)

Murder with Love ….. $2.99 (book #21)

With Intent to Kill ….. $2.99 (book #22)

No Holiday for Crime ….. $2.99 (book #23)

Crime File ….. $2.99 (book #25)

Deuces Wild ….. $2.99 (book #26)

Streets of Death ….. $2.99 (book #27)

Appearances of Death ….. $2.99 (book #28)

Cold Trail ….. $2.99 (book #29)

Felony at Random ….. $2.99 (book #30)

Felony File ….. $2.99 (book #31)

Murder Most Strange ….. $2.99 (book #32)

The Motive on Record ….. $2.99 (book #33)

Exploit of Death ….. $2.99 (book #34)

Destiny of Death ….. $2.99 (book #35)

Chaos of Crime ….. $2.99 (book #36)

Blood Count ….. $2.99 (book #37)

Murder by Tale ….. $2.99 (book #38)

Deb Baker: Murder Passes the Buck (Gertie Johnson Mystery, book #1) ORIGINALLY WRITTEN AS ELIZABETH LININGTON:

Greenmask! ….. $2.99 (book #1)

No Evil Angel ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Date with Death ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Something Wrong ….. $2.99 (book #4)

Policeman’s Lot ….. $2.99 (book #5)

Practice to Deceive ….. $2.99 (book #6)

Crime by Chance ….. $2.99 (book #7)

Perchance of Death ….. $2.99 (book #8)

No Villain Need Be ….. $2.99 (book #9)

Consequence of Crime ….. $2.99 (book #10)

Skeletons in the Closet ….. $2.99 (book #11)

Felony Report ….. $2.99 (book #12)

Strange Felony ….. $2.99 (book #13)


Alter Ego ….. $2.99


A Case for Appeal ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Against the Evidence ….. $2.99 (book #2)

My Name Is Death ….. $2.99 (book #3)

Some Avenger, Rise! ….. $2.99 (book #4)

A Serious Investigation ….. $2.99 (book #5)

Crime for Christmas ..... $2.99 (book #12) In the Death of a Man ….. $2.99 (book #6)

Paper Chase ….. $2.99 (book #7)

The Blind Search ….. $2.99 (book #8)

Look Back on Death ….. $2.99 (book #9)

Motive in Shadow ….. $2.99 (book #10)

The Miser ….. $2.99 (book #11)

Little Boy Lost ….. $2.99 (book #12)

Chain of Violence ….. $2.99 (book #13)


The Borrowed Alibi ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Detective’s Due ….. $2.99 (book #3)

The Nameless Ones ….. $2.99 (book #4)

The Wine of Violence ….. $2.99 (book #5)

Scenes of Crime ….. $2.99 (book #7)

A Dream Apart ….. $2.99 (book #8)

The Hunters and the Hunted ….. $2.99 (book #9)

A Choice of Crimes ….. $2.99 (book #10)

Random Death ….. $2.99 (book #11)

Crime for Christmas ….. $2.99 (book #12)

The Wine of Life ….. $2.99 (book #13)


Nightmare ….. $2.99


Diane Vallere

Pillow Stalk ….. $2.99 (book #1)

That Touch of Ink ….. $2.99 (book #2)

Other People’s Baggage (w/ Lendel Lynn & Gigi Pandian) – Includes novella Midnight Ice prequel to Pillow Stalk ….. $2.99


Designer Dirty Laundry ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Buyer, Beware ….. $2.99 (book #1)

The Brim Reaper ….. $2.99 (book #1)

Some Like It Haute ….. $2.99 (book #1)


Identity Crisis (in Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology) ….. $4.99

Independence Day (in Viva La Valentine) ….. $2.99

Dress for Success (in Fish Nets: The Second Guppy Anthology) ….. $2.51


Deborah Woodworth

Death of a Winter Shaker …..$3.79 (book #1)

A Deadly Shaker Spring …..$4.74 (book #2)

Sins of a Shaker Summer …..$4.74 (book #3)

A Simple Shaker Murder …..$4.74 (book #4)

Killing Gifts …..$4.74 (book #5)

Dancing Dead …..$4.74 (book #6)


Never Buried by Edie Claire (Leigh Koslow "Never" Mystery, book #1)FREE, FREE, & More FREE

Deb Baker: Murder Passes the Buck (Gertie Johnson Mystery, book #1) ….. $0.00

Deb Baker: Dolled Up for Murder (Gretchen Birch Dolls to Die For Mystery, book #1) ….. $0.00

Edie Claire: Never Buried (Leigh Koslow “Never” Mystery, book #1) ….. $0.00

Edie Claire: Long Time Coming (Stand Alone) ….. $0.00

Kathi Daley: Snowmen In Paradise (Tj Jensen Pardise Lake Mysteries, book #2) ….. $0.00

Leighann Dobbs: Killer Cupcakes (Lexy Baker Cozy Mysteries, book #1) ….. $0.00

Leighann Dobbs: Dead Wrong (Blackmore Sisters Mysteries, book #1) ….. $0.00

Celina Grace: Death at the Manor (Asharton Manor Mysteries, book #1 novella-length) ….. $0.00

Gemma Halliday: Spying in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries, book #1) ….. $0.00

Richard Houston: A Book to Die For (Books to Die For Mysteries, book #2) ….. $0.00

Harper Lin: Killer Christmas (Emma Wild Mystery with Recipes Mysteries, book #1) ….. $0.00

Harper Lin: Macaron Murder (Patisserie Mystery with Recipes Mysteries, book #1) ….. $0.00

M. Louisa Locke: Maids of Misfortune (Victorian San Francisco Mysteries, book #) ….. $0.00


Death of a Winter Shaker by Deborah Woodworth (Sister Rose Callahan Shaker Mysteries, book #1)I found G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown mysteries all lumped together in a complete collection, and I thought that I would take a look at some other (non-mystery) authors who I am interested in, and thought perhaps some of you also would be interested in.

Assorted Collections:

G. K Chesterton – The Complete Father Brown Mysteries ….. $3.99

Louisa May Alcott: Complete Collection Works …. $2.99

Jane Austen: The Complete Collection ….. $1.99

The Bronte Sisters – The Complete Novels ….. $0.99

Charles Dickens: Collection of 150 Classic Works ….. $2.99

Delphi Complete Works of Charles Dickens (Illustrated) ….. $2.51


I try not to list Cozy Mystery authors that I have listed on at least the six previous Free and Cheap Kindle Mystery Book lists, so you might want to take a look at these latest six entries >>> some of the Cozy Mystery books may still be available at great prices:

November 2014

September 2014

August 10, 2014

July 17, 2014

June 10, 2014

May 21, 2014

(All of these Kindle mysteries that I have listed above are on sale right now, but I don’t know how long this will last, so please check the price before you get one. Also, if you take a look at some of the older Free and Cheap Kindle mystery lists, you may find some that are still under $5.00. The link is below.)

For more Free and Cheap Kindle Mystery Books click here.

Bird Feeder Rant & Rave: Nyjer Thistle and Seed Hoops

bird111111111ohhk;rgk;kdI’m not sure whether I’m in a ranting or raving mood right now! (Oh, and I want to warn you, this has absolutely nothing to do with Cozy Mysteries.)

I just got back from the grocery store where I found out they no longer carry my Goldfinch nyjer thistle. Doggone it! I hate it when my grocery store just stops carrying items. We have a grocery store monopoly (of sorts) down here in San Antonio. Good grief, I’m not happy about this! (And by “this” I mean the grocery store monopoly as well as the discontinuance of the thistle!)

Those of you who have been with me for a few years know that after our beloved 16 1/2 year old puppy left us, I was pretty sad. When she left, it was sort of a changing of eras for me. Sprite had grown up with our children. She had seen them from elementary school all the way through college. She was an integral part of our family.

We decided not to rush out and get a new puppy, and just see how things went. I have to admit that we didn’t miss taking her on daily walks in +/- 100° with high humidity, finding new methods of trying to get her to keep down her medicine, or having to get home after being out four hours.  Long story >>> short, I ended up moving my computer so that I can look out on our back yard and I put up bird feeders and a big bird bath. Obviously, watching birds didn’t take Sprite’s place, but I truly enjoyed all of the daily shows the birds put on for me.

Unfortunately, we also ended up attracting squirrels, which were attracted to the seeds and water, but seemed to prefer our house’s wood. We had to repair our house four times. Four times was the charm: I got rid of the seeds and the water. (Many of our neighbors were feeding the birds, which helped alleviate my guilt.)

I missed the daily bird shows, especially when they brought their fledglings and taught them how to take off, land, and eat on their own. Sometimes there would be dozens of the little fledglings hip-hopping all over the ground under the feeders. They certainly didn’t take the place of a puppy, but they had been fun to watch, and I missed that.

A few months ago, someone commented (right here) about something called seed hoops. I decided to put up a Goldfinch feeder with a 16″ seed hoop and see if it worked. We already had squirrel-proof poles so I just attached the seed hoop to the hanger. And guess what >>> they work! They totally keep the seeds off of the ground!

birdhoop11111111111111111111sjg'sj'g;js;'mNow I get to watch the little Goldfinches bicker with each other over which of them will get a perch. Every once in a while a squirrel will pass through our yard, but we no longer have them nesting here. Ya-hoo!

So I guess I’m ranting about our grocery store dropping the nyger thistle (which I just bought on line) and I’m raving about these seed hoops. (I’m also wondering why on earth I didn’t come up with something as practical and totally obvious as a seed hoop!)

Judith Arnold, Alice Boatwright, Elissa D. Grodin, & Dani Pettrey: Four New Cozy Authors on the Cozy Mystery Site

So, I’ve finally gotten another batch of your Cozy Mystery author suggestions… This time I’m adding four, all with only a single series each and no pseudonyms >>> yet!

blog1111111111..zdf,gnqa'  Judith Arnold    Originally a playwright, Judith Arnold has also written in a number of other areas, including Cozy Mysteries! Arnold’s Lainie Lovett Still Kicking Mystery Series stars Lainie Lovett, grade-school teacher and member of the local soccer team, the Colonielles. (Dead Ball is the first in the Lainie Lovett Still Kicking Mystery Series.)

  Alice Boatwright    Alice Boatwright has spent significant time in England, likely one of the primary reasons she made the detective of her new series, the Ellie Kent Mystery Series, an American professor living in the English Cotswolds with her husband, an English vicar. (Under an English Heaven is the first in the Ellie Kent Mystery Series.)


  Elissa D. Grodin    Elissa D. Grodin began her writing with journalism, but she has also written children’s books and now has begun Cozy Mysteries. Grodin’s series is the Edwina Goodman Mystery Series, set in an Ivy League School in New Guilford, New England. Elissa and her husband, actor Charles Grodin, live in New York and Connecticut. (Physics Can Be Fatal is the first in the Edwina Goodman Mystery Series.)

pettrey111111111111111a;ljdfcl;ae  Dani Pettrey    A homeschool teacher in Maryland, Dani Pettrey considers faith an important part of her life, and it shows in her Alaskan Courage Mystery Series. Starring the McKenna family, the Alaskan Courage Series takes place in the town of Yancey, Alaska. (Submerged is the first in the Alaskan Courage Mystery Series.)

Grantchester: New Masterpiece Mystery! Starting Sunday

Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie (book #1 in Grantchester Mystery Series)Good grief! I feel like saying “We interrupt your schedule with this breaking news about Cozy Mystery television viewing!” I feel like I have to hurry up and tell you about this, so you can set up your DVRs or rearrange your schedules in order to make sure you’re in front of your televisions this coming Sunday night!

It looks like we are in for a Cozy Mystery television movie treat! A new mystery series will be starting up soon >>> this time another entry in the PBS Masterpiece Mystery! series. Grantchester will begin airing starting this Sunday (January 18, 2015), with a total of six weekly episodes airing through the rest of January and February. Starring Masterpiece veterans James Norton as young vicar Sidney Chambers and Robson Green as Inspector Geordie Keating, Grantchester looks like it’s going to be good Cozy Mystery fun!

From the Cozy perspective, Grantchester looks very promising >>> it’s got a lot of the standard Cozy Mystery hallmarks – such as being set in an idyllic village with a surprising number of dark secrets, amateur sleuthing, and best of all >>> it’s British! It’s based on the Grantchester Mysteries written by James Runcie.

In the New York Times Sunday Book Review, James Runcie’s first mystery in his Grantchester Series (Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death) was said to be “the coziest of cozy murder mysteries … set in a quaint English village during the 1950s and featuring a young Anglican vicar who finds spiritual inspiration in criminal investigation.”

I’ve not yet had time to read it. Well, now I’ll at least be able to enjoy the TV adaptation!

So, as I mentioned above, go set your DVRs! Right now!

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel : Joanne Fluke – Hannah Swensen, Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden, & Peter King – Gourmet Detective

So, I recently got messages from Donna Mc and Alfred, and rather than just respond to them in the comments I thought I’d share their messages and my own response as it’s own post, since it seems like such big news for Cozy Mystery lovers!

From Donna Mc:

… did you hear that the Hallmark Channel is producing a series based on the Joanne Fluke cookie mysteries AND that a gorgeous blond is portraying Hannah? That is wild! But apparently true! Excited about the show, puzzled about the gorgeous blond.

From Alfred (40 minutes later):

… Allison Sweeney … it looks like they are going to be doing a mystery series featuring Joanne Fluke’s Chocolate Chip cookie mystery series on Hallmark – thought you might like to make a column out of it.

Thank you , Donna and Alfred! I rely on Cozy Mystery readers like the two of you to get wind of this fantastic Cozy Mystery news. I did some searches and found out that the good news doesn’t stop there! Apparently as part of Hallmark Movie Channel’s transition into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark is going to be putting out a whole bunch of Cozy Mystery movie adaptations, all of them set to air some time in 2015! I can’t wait!

fluke111111111111111a;a;a;aeeAs Donna and Alfred mentioned, one of these is going to be the adaptation of Joanne Fluke‘s Hannah Swensen Mystery Series, starting with Sugar Cookie Murder – though other sources have reported that the first movie will be Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. Either way, the movies will star actress Alison Sweeney, 13-season veteran of Days Of Our Lives as well as a host of The Biggest Loser.  Admittedly, Hannah is supposed to have very curly red hair, not blonde – but I suppose every movie adaptation will need to make whatever changes they think are necessary. (Also, as those of us who follow Hannah’s sleuthing adventures know, Hannah is not slim, and rarely wears makeup…)

harris111111111111a;;z;zzeeeBut as I said this is just the start of the good news! Two other Cozy movie adaptation series have been announced! The first is an adaptation of Charlaine Harris‘s Aurora Teagarden books, starring Candace Cameron Bure. I’ll admit, I’ve already got high expectations since the Teagarden series holds a very special place in my heart. I followed the series and was very disappointed when Charlaine Harris moved on to newer series, though those are also very well written. Some of you may remember Candace Cameron Bure from her days as Donna Jo “D.J.” Tanner from the long-running sitcom Full House. Well now she’ll be playing librarian Aurora Teagarden!

king11111111111111a;ldkjc;The third is an adaptation of Peter King‘s Gourmet Detective Mystery Series, starring Hallmark movie regular Dylan Neal. As with Sweeney, most viewers are likely to recognize Neal from soap operas – specifically his 119 episode run on The Bold and the Beautiful. Neal will be playing food consultant Goodwin Harper. Dylan Neal has been a cast member of the (regular) Hallmark channel’s Cedar Cove series.

It’s looking like this might be a really good year to be a fan of Cozy movie adaptations of some of our popular Cozy Mystery series! So, I guess now I’ve got a question for all of you – of these three terrific mystery series, which are you most looking forward to seeing a movie adaptation? Please make sure to leave a comment below!

NEW Search Feature Available for Cozy-Mystery.Com!

searching22222222Yes! You read that right! My terrific tech guy (aka my husband) has added a new search feature to the site that should work a lot better than the old one, which was adequate for the blog but pretty worthless for the Cozy Mystery site.

Now you should be able to search for your favorite author, series, or even character, and it will bring up the appropriate pages >>> as long as it’s on the site or has been mentioned on the blog, of course. I hope you find this a really big improvement over the old system which required manual navigation through the list and wasn’t as useful when looking for a series or character unless you knew the name of the author. You can find the search box on the upper left of every page on the Cozy Mystery site including the blog.

I have to tell you, I am excited about this new feature! I hope it makes things a whole lot easier for ALL of you! (I guess I should fix my tech guy’s favorite dinner tonight…)

Two New Valentine’s Day Mysteries Coming February 2015

Unfortunately it seems that February is going to be a month without any new Cozy Mystery series beginning, but we do get to look forward to two new Valentine’s Day themed Cozies set in established series!

Avery Aames: As Gouda as Dead (Valentine's Day theme mystery)The first will be As Gouda as Dead, the sixth book in Avery Aames‘s Cheese Shop Mystery Series. In this entry, cheese shop owner and amateur sleuth Charlotte Bessette will be marrying cheese farmer, Jordan Chase on Valentine’s Day… or, she would be, if a local bar owner weren’t just found on Jordan’s farm. Can Charlotte solve this mystery, or will she be forced to reschedule her dream wedding? Avery Aames also writes as Daryl Wood Gerber, the pseudonym she uses for her Cookbook Nook Mystery Series and some of her Stand Alone works.

Jess Lourey: February Fever (Valentine's Day theme mystery)The other new Valentine’s Day mystery is February Fever, the tenth book in Jess Lourey‘s Murder by Month Mystery Series, starring librarian/reporter/private investigator Mira James. Mira will be traveling the Valentine Train, a singles-mixer sort of rail excursion, on the way to visit her boyfriend, Johnny, in Portland, Oregon. When a fellow passenger is murdered, it will be up to Mira to solve the crime and keep the train on track!

Well, that’s it for February Cozy holiday releases.

By the way, you might be interested in taking a look at other Valentine’s Day Cozies (and non Cozy mysteries). I have a whole list of Valentine’s Day mysteries on the site. Here is the link: Valentine’s Day Mystery Book List page.

P.S. Once you’ve had a chance to take a look at all of the Valentine’s Day themed mysteries, if you see that I am missing one. please let me know. Thank you!