Most of Us Started with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Right?

Nancy Drew... Reporter on TCMI have got to tell you, I am so happy I did this month’s Upcoming Television Mystery list! I wonder if I would have watched the 1938 movie called Nancy Drew… Detective if we hadn’t had the comments about how good these movies are!

Thank you, Patti S and Pamela, for telling us how much you enjoyed these Nancy Drew movies with Bonita Granville. I was in the same boat as Sheila, who told us she hadn’t watched these particular movies. Sheila mentioned that she was looking forward to seeing them, and after reading the comments, so was I!

On July 5th, they aired the first of these movies Nancy Drew, Detective. This week, on a day when I didn’t feel like doing much, I decided to watch it. I had read my older sister’s Nancy Drew mysteries when I was little, so wasn’t quite sure how they would hold up for me now that I’m “not so little”!

Let me just say déjà vu (!), and I loved it! I immediately loved Bonita Granville’s depiction of Nancy, and I thought Ted (Frankie Thomas) and her dad (John Litel) were perfect, as well.

I want to hurry up and get this entry posted, since I see that tomorrow morning, at 9:45 (Central time zone) they will be airing the 1939 Nancy Drew, Reporter. Then, next week (Saturday, July 19) they will be airing the 1939 Nancy Drew… Trouble Shooter at 9:45 AM (Central time zone). The following Saturday (July 26) they’ll be airing the 1939 Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase at the same time.

I just looked Bonita Granville up, and it looks like TCM is going to be showing all of the Nancy Drew movies in which she starred. There are only four.

Well, if you decide to watch these movies, you may find yourself going back, some of us going back farther than others! Enjoy!

Rough Diamond (USA) Diamond Geezer (UK) Television Series

Rough Diamond with David JasonIt has been a few years since I watched this British television series, however I remember it as a fun show to watch. I had seen every one of the A Touch of Frost episodes, and at the time, I was searching to see if David Jason (Jack Frost) had any other mystery shows I could watch. I was delighted to find Rough Diamond (2008) but wasn’t very happy to see that it only aired one year. (This is not a mystery show. It is more like Mission Impossible, only with thieves.)

The premise of Rough Diamond is this: Des (David Jason) is an “older” (thus the UK’s title Diamond Geezer) Mastermind thief who we first encounter in prison. He seems to have worked his way up the prison’s hierarchical ladder, as he is now in charge of taking around the tea cart. Of course, we hope that his prison time has rehabilitated him!

Upon his “release”, however, Des isn’t content with serving tea. He decides to go back to his old ways >>> since he truly never left them.

The production crew of Rough Diamond must have had great fun coming up with the different disguises Jason donned. David Jason is able to pull off all of the disguises with boyish glee.

I have to admit that this series is pretty zany. I mean, how realistic is it that a 60+ year old man would be able to lead his cohorts on the criminal escapades they go on? It is still a delightful show to me. Even if I had trouble buying that these older men were zipping around, pulling off dangerous capers with the precise punctuality they required, I had a good time watching them. (If television viewers can buy CSI’s and Law & Order’s 60 second DNA test results, then why can’t television viewers equally buy a sixty plus year old cat burglar?!?)

If you decide to watch this British import, suspend your belief, get comfortable, kick your shoes off, and enjoy David Jason >>> again!

P.S. It is available on Netflix.

Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett Interview

Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & L.L. Bartlett)Oh my gosh! Pardon me as if I gush, but I just posted my Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett interview. I have got to tell you, every time I do an interview with a Cozy Mystery author, I am happily surprised by how nice they are, and how gracious they are with their time.

Since Lorraine Bartlett/Lorna Barrett/L.L. Bartlett is one of the Cozy Mystery authors who appears the most frequently on our Cozy Mystery recommendations lists, I am guessing that most of One Hot Murder by Lorraine Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & L.L. Bartlett)you already know who this bestselling author is. For those very few of you who don’t know, let me very briefly tell you about her highly popular Cozy Mystery series.

Lorraine Bartlett writes the  Victoria Square Mystery Series. This series features Katie Bonner, a young widow who is an artisan co-op member.  Lorna Barrett pens the Booktown Mystery Series, and stars Tricia Miles, owner of the Haven’t Got a Clue Mystery bookstore. (In a nod to classic Cozies, Miss Marple is not only a character in some of the Dark Waters by L.L. Bartlett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & Lorna Barrett)bookstore’s shelves, she’s also the name of Tricia’s cat.) And, as L.L. Bartlett she writes the Jeff Resnick Mystery Series. Jeff is an insurance investigator who, after being mugged, developed a “sixth sense” which helps him solve mysteries.

I hope you ALL enjoy this Lorraine Bartlett/Lorna Barrett/L.L. Bartlett Interview. Go fix yourself a cup of tea, click on the highlighted link, sit back, and enjoy what this very popular Cozy Mystery author has to say! I think you’ll find it interesting!

P.S.  Since two Cozy Mystery readers have just told me about these great prices for L.L. Bartlett’s Kindle books right now, I thought I would go ahead and add them to this entry.

Main Character: Jeff Resnick, Insurance Investigator, Mugging Victim who now has a “sixth sense” gift & Richard, Jeff’s brother

  1. Murder on the Mind  FREE
  2. Dead in Red  $4.99
  3. Room at the Inn  $4.99
  4. Cheated by Death  $4.99
  5. Bound by Suggestion  $4.99
  6. Dark Waters  $4.99

When the Spirit Moves You (Novelette) $1.49
Bah! Humbug ’10 (short story after book #5) $0.99
Cold Case ’10 (the 1st chapter in Bound by Suggestion) $0.99
Evolution  (Short Stories) $2.99

L.L. Bartlett on Nook

Which Cozy Mystery Author Would You Like to See in Kindle & Nook Format?

OK, I have to say, sometimes, when I know I should be working on a Cozy Mystery theme page, or I should be getting four new-to-the-Cozy-Mystery-site authors’ pages put up on the site, I am spending my time doodling around. One thing I find myself doing when I’m doodling is trying to find out if some of my favorite Cozy Mystery authors have made it to the Kindle (and Nook) format.

Well, actually, I don’t have than many Cozy Mystery authors who I keep looking up, since almost all of them are already Kindle-ized (and Nook-ized). But there are two series I keep looking for, and one of them is written by three authors.

I would love to read more mysteries in two particular series that haven’t yet hit the Kindle (Nook) format. Whenever I think that perhaps they won’t be Kindle-ized (& Nook-ized) I remember that E.F. Benson‘s Lucia series (not mysteries, but altogether terrific!)  is in Kindle (& Nook) ( format >>> I think there is hope for my two (or should I say 4?) authors.

The two series I keep looking (and hoping) for are: Patricia MoyesHenry Tibbett Mystery Series and the Miss Seeton Mystery Series, which was started by Heron Carvic, followed by Hampton Charles, and finished up by Hamilton Crane.

Patricia Moyes’ Henry Tibbett mysteries feature Henry Tibbett, a Scotland Yard inspector. Even though technically this series is a police procedural (Henry being an inspector for the Yard), I find them to be very Cozy >>> anyway the ones I have read have a very Cozy spin to them. Although I have all of the mysteries in my bookshelf, I haven’t finished reading the series, now that I am addicted to my Kindle (& Nook) font control!

And, most of you know who Miss Emily D. Seeton is… a retired British teacher. I tell you, the font in the books I had was so tiny that I wouldn’t have enjoyed reading them when I was 22 years old! I don’t know how they managed to get so many words on each page! Those were the books that finally convinced me that I was ready to listen to my husband about getting a Kindle (& Nook). He had been trying to persuade me for quite a while, but I kept refusing. However, now that I have my Kindle (& Nook), I see there are no Miss Seeton Kindle (& Nook) books! Yikes! Oh well, I’ll keep searching…

Yep, those are the ones I keep searching out.

So, this brings me to my question: Are there one or two Cozy Mystery authors who you would like to see available in Kindle (& Nook) format? If so, would you mind telling us a little bit about the series? 

I decided to go ahead and make a list of those authors who we would like to see Kindle-ized (Nook-ized):

Susan Wittig Albert (aka 1/2 of Robin Paige): China Bayles Mystery Series (some are in e-format while others aren’t)

Donna Andrews: Turing Hopper Mystery Series

J. S. Borthwick: Deane & McKenzie Mystery Series

Heron Carvic: Miss Setton Mystery Series

Laura Childs: Tea Shop Mystery Series (some are in e-format while others aren’t)

Carolyn Graham: Chief Inspector Barnaby Midsomer Murders Mystery Series

Honor Hartman (aka Miranda James, Jimmie Ruth Evans, & Dean James): Bridge Club Mystery Series

Jens K. Holm: Detective Kim Mystery Series (Danish series)

Jane Langton: Homer Kelly Mystery Series

Emma Lathen (aka R.B. Dominic): Wall Street Mystery Series

Richard & Frances Lockridge: Mr. & Mrs. North

Camille Minichino (aka Margaret Grace & Ada Madison): Periodic Table Mystery Series

Patricia Moyes: Henry Tibbett Mystery Series

Corinne Holt Sawyer: Benbow & Wingate Mystery Series

Charles Merrill Smith: Reverend C.P. Randollph Mystery

Various Authors: The Three Investigators (children’s series)

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope ALL of you in the USA are enjoying your days off and that you ALL have very safe weekends.

We are staying home for a rather quiet long weekend. Both our son and daughter will be here with us, so it will be wonderful for me! (And hopefully for them!)

Now that Sprite is no longer with us, the (illegal) firecrackers going off all over our neighborhood won’t be a bother to us. Sprite (our 16 1/2 year old puppy) didn’t enjoy all of the festivities.

Again, I hope you all have a safe three-day Fourth of July weekend!

Two New Cozy Mystery Series Coming in August

As I have told you before, I began a new page on the Cozy Mystery site (the New Cozy Mystery Book Series page) for the sole purpose of telling you about upcoming new mystery series. Two of the authors on the Cozy Mystery site will be starting totally new series this August.

Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams (aka J.B. Stanley, Jennifer Stanley, & 1/2 of Lucy Arlington) Ellery Adams, who is also known as J.B. Stanley, Jennifer Stanley, and (at one time) half of the Lucy Arlington writing duo, will be releasing Murder in the Mystery Suite - the first mystery in her Book Retreat Mystery Series. This series will take place in Virginia, in a resort called Storyton Hall. Jane Steward is the manager of the resort, which caters to people who love books. Jane has got to come up with a way to get more people to the resort. Aha! Why not have weeks devoted to mysteries? Most of you have probably heard of these special tour packages where the guests have to solve a mystery. Well, in this case, the mystery turns out to be the murder of one of the guests at the resort, and, as if a murder isn’t enough, a very valuable book has been stolen as well. The fun role-playing week is replaced by a real mystery that Jane is prepared to solve.

Shattered Secrets by Karen Harper Karen Harper is an ex-English professor who is a New York Times best selling author. She is the author of the popular Elizabeth I Mystery Series, and also of the Maplecreek Amish Trilogy mysteries. She will debut her Cold Creek Trilogy in August. These mysteries follow three sisters, who live in a small town in the Appalachians. This mystery trilogy has a unique approach in that each of the three books will tell the story of one of the sisters (Tess, Kate, and Charlene). In Shattered Secrets, Tess returns to the little town from where she was kidnapped when she was young. The boy who was babysitting her at the time is now the sheriff, and he still blames himself for her abduction. The second book will feature Kate’s story, revolving around her anthropological interests in the area. The third mystery will be Charlene’s story, a social worker who encounters problems with some of the people in the town.

If you would like to see more New Cozy Mystery Series by authors on the Cozy-Mystery site, please click here: New Cozy Mystery Series

August 2014 Mystery Book New Releases

The following Mystery Books will be released in August 2014:

Allyson K. Abbott (aka Annelise Ryan & Beth Amos): Murder with a Twist (This will be the 2nd in the Mack’s Bar Mystery Series.)

Ellery Adams (aka J.B. Stanley, Jennifer Stanley, & 1/2 of Lucy Arlington): Murder in the Mystery Suite (This will be the 1st in the NEW Book Retreat Mystery Series.)

Laurien Berenson: Death of a Dog Whisperer (This will be the 17th in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series.)

Rhys Bowen: Queen of Hearts (This will be the 8th in the Royal Spyness Mystery Series.)

Elizabeth Lynn Casey (aka Laura Bradford): Taken In (This will be the 9th in the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series.)

C.S. Challinor: Murder at Midnight (This will be the 7th in the Rex Graves Mystery Series.)

Erika Chase: Book Fair and Foul (This will be the 4th in the Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Series.)

Elizabeth Craig (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Riley Adams): Shear Trouble (This will be the 4th in the Southern Quilting Mystery Series.)

Bill Crider: Half in Love with Artful Death (This will be the 21 in the Dan Rhodes Mystery Series.)

Mary Daheim: Clam Wake (This will be the 28th in the Hillside Manor Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series.)

Karen Harper: Shattered Secrets (This will be the 1st in the NEW Cold Creek Mystery Series.)

Allison Kingsley (aka Kate Kingsbury & Rebecca Kent): Extra Sensory Deception (This will be the 4th in the Raven’s Nest Bookstore Mystery Series.)

William Kent Krueger: Windigo Island (This will be the 14th in the Cork O’Connor Mystery Series.)

Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels): Death by Devil’s Breath (This will be the 2nd in the Chili Cook-Off Mystery Series.)

Dixie LyleTo Die Fur (This will be the 2nd in the Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot Mystery Series.)

Margaret Maron: Designated Daughters (This will be the 20th in the Deborah Knott Mystery Series.)

Edward Marston (aka Conrad Allen & Keith Miles): Inspector Colbeck’s Casebook (This  will be a Railway Detective Mystery Series collection of short stories.)

Nancy Martin: A Little Night Murder (This will be the 10th in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series.)

Carla Neggers: Harbor Island (This will be the 4th in the Sharpe & Donovan Mystery Series.)

Kate Parker: The Counterfeit Lady (This will be the 2nd in the Victorian Bookshop Mystery Series.)

James Patterson & Michael White: Private Down Under (This will be the 7th in the Private Mystery Series.)

Louise Penny: The Long Way Home (This will be the 10th in the Armand Gamache Mystery Series.)

Spencer Quinn (aka Peter Abrahams): Paw and Order (This will be the 7th in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series.)

Kathy ReichsSwamp Bones (This will be a novella after the 16th novel in the Temperance Brennan Mystery Series.) (Not Cozy)

Ann B. Ross: Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day (This will be the 16th in the Miss Julia Mystery Series.)

Betty RowlandsThe Scent of Death (This will be the 13th in the Sukey Reynolds Mystery Series.)

Paige Shelton: If Catfish Had Nine Lives (This will be the 4th in the Country Cooking School Mystery Series.)

Georges Simenon: The Yellow Dog – aka A Face for a Clue (This will be an Inspector Maigret reprint.)

Alexander McCall Smith: Sunshine on Scotland Street (This will be the 8th in the 44 Scotland Street series. This is not a mystery.)

Alexander McCall Smith: Fatty O’Leary’s Dinner Party (This will be a Stand Alone novel. This is not a mystery.)

Leann Sweeney: The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim (This will be the 6th in the Cats in Trouble Mystery Series.)

Robert K. Tanenbaum: Fatal Conceit (This will be 26th in the Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi Mystery Series.) (Not Cozy)

Charles Todd: An Unwilling Accomplice (This will be the 6th in the Bess Crawford Mystery Series.)

Lauren Willig: The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (This will be 11th in the Pink Carnation Mystery Series.)

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(These are the mysteries by authors who are currently on the Cozy Mystery site.)