Patricia Driscoll, Maureen Jennings, Sharon Rose, & Lauren Willig – Four Mystery Author Additions to the Cozy Mystery Site

Here are four mystery author additions to the Cozy Mystery site. They have been recommended by some of you because you think they belong on the site, and want to get the word out to the rest of us.

Patricia Driscoll: Grace Oliver Mystery Series – Grace is an ex-probation officer (as is author Driscoll) who now owns an antique lamp shop in Cape Cod.

Maureen Jennings: Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Mystery Series – Tyler is one of the few police inspectors in England during WW II.
Murdoch Mystery Series – William Murdoch is a Canadian police detective during the 1890s.
Christine Morris Mystery Series – Christine is a Canadian forensic profiler working in Scotland.

Sharon Rose: Parson’s Cove Cozy Mystery Series – Mabel Wickles and Flori Flanders are two senior citizen sleuths in Parson’s Cove.

Lauren Willig: Pink Carnation Mystery Series – Willig is a Harvard Law grad who now devotes her time to this New York Times bestselling series which features a Ph.D.  candidate working on her dissertation on Napoleonic era spies.


  1. Margaret says

    Danna, thanks again for the “new to the site author list.” Patricia Driscoll’s Grace Oliver Mystery Series peeked my interest. I took a look at the author’s website and I am excited to pick up the book and give it a try. Set in Cape Cod, which is great, I love the Cape! And the author is writing about what she knows, which is always important to me.
    I would like to think I would have found this book on my own, but with so many out there who knows? So thanks again Danna for doing the work for me 😉

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Margaret, I’m glad you think you might enjoy Patricia Driscoll’s books. (Your comment reminded me that I have to add these authors to their appropriate theme pages.)

  2. Diane says

    The Grace Oliver series peaked my interest, too. Unfortunately, the first book does not come out in Kindle, which is what I use.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Diane, don’t you wish all first books would be available in Kindle format. I don’t read “real books” anymore, so rely on that format for everything I read.

  3. Sheila UK says

    I first became aware of the Murdoch Mysteries when I saw a DVD set and bought it because it looked interesting! I don’t believe its been shown in the UK, unless it was on pay to view TV which I don’t have, but I’d never heard of it in any event. I enjoyed the TV series and a few months ago, I saw the books for sale. Until then, I hadn’t appreciated that the TV show was based on a book series! I bought the first in the series and couldn’t put it down! I’ve read a few now and find them captivating. They are so well written with great characterisation, lots of plot, atmosphere and not too much ‘Life story’. However, they are not quite the same as the TV series – especially how Murdoch looks and his boss – the TV series is definitely an adaptation! Both the books and the TV show are enjoyable in their own right.

    PS I’m Sheila in the UK as there is another Sheila who posts!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Sheila UK, thank you for the Maureen Jennings endorsement. I wondered if the shows followed the mystery books closely.

      I had read several of Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley books (not Cozies!) before seeing their television adaptation, and for some reason, I had to think of the shows as not being related to the books. I found the actors such a big contrast from the books’ characters that I couldn’t enjoy the show until I “divorced it” from the novels.

  4. apple says

    I joined this site because I now read mostly cozies and needed some new authors. I had just read the last Deborah Knott book and rediscovered Sigrid Harald, so I went back to the beginning of Margaret Maron’s series with her. I like the Monica Ferris series, Kerry Greenwood’s books, and always recommend the Aunt Dimity series to people asking for a good read as well as Charles Todd (but don’t consider those as cozies) Thanks to everyone who recommended authors, books, please keep writing as I was reminded of some authors that I had forgotten and enjoyed.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Apple! I know what you’re saying about people’s recommendations. I have also found several new-to-me authors from the comments and recommendations.

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