Recommendations for NEW Cozy Mystery Readers…

A couple of days ago, Michelle submitted a comment asking for help.

“I just started reading cozy mysteries so what is new to me is probably good old reading for the rest of the mystery fans. I absolutely love the Wine Country Mysteries by Michele Scott. I currently am still reading those and I just discovered the Coffee House Mysteries by Cleo Coyle. If any of you have any rec’s I would love to hear them…”

I know that amongst us, we have many different likes and dislikes. The authors I might suggest might be quite different that authors who you all might think that Michelle would enjoy, and vice versa.

So, do any of you have a Cozy Mystery author (or even two or three!) who you think should be on the top of any new Cozy Mystery reader list?

I do! (I’ll start with just one… I don’t want to monopolize!)

Anne George: the Southern Sisters Mystery Series is full of heart and great characters, and also fun to read.

Please post a comment with your recommendation(s)…

PS>>> I have just posted a list of all of the mystery book authors who Cozy Mystery site readers have recommended. Here is the list of the Recommendations for Cozy Mystery Authors for NEW Cozy Mystery Readers.


  1. says

    I don’t know for sure that these qualify as “cozy mysteries” as I’m a little new to the definition myself, but two of my favorites series are The Tea Shop Mysteries & The Scrapbooking Mysteries, both by Laura Childs.

  2. says

    Anne George (RIP) is my all time favorite. I also like Joan Hess (Arkansas), Dianne Mott Davidson , Ann Granger & Janet Evanovich.

    Some of Debbie Macomber’s books could be considered cozies and if you haven’t read Jan Karon, she’s great and has a new book coming out soon.

  3. Connie says

    Michelle–You made great choices for your introduction to cozie mysteries. You also came to the right place as Danna’s site has all the up to date cozy mystery authors and their series. I really enjoy the Lucy Stone series by Leslie Meier, Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton, Cupcake series by Jenn McKinlay, Cooking Class series by Miranda Bliss, and the Lucy Valentine series by Heather Webber.

  4. Anita says

    I have been reading cozy mystery for about several years now. I just discover a new writer( to me that is ) and I bought both of her books. Her name is Laura Bradley.

    I am now fustrated.. I can’t find any news about her. Does anyone know if she’s got a website ? I love that series …. I am craving for more books. Thanks.

  5. Angela says

    If you are enjoying Cleo Coyle I would suggest picking up her “Haunted Bookshop” series written under the pen name Alice Kimberly (although it seems that book 6 will be released under the Coyle name).

    I second the Evanovich but only if you don’t mind silliness and some vulgarity. I also recommend the China Bayles series by Susan Wittig Albert. I could go on but if you are like me, and I suspect most of us here, you’ll have a TBR list the length of your arm before too long!
    Happy Reading! :)

  6. Danielle says

    Shelly Fredman’s ‘Brandy Alexander’ mystery series is SUPERB. If you like Janet Evanovich, and a sassy protagonist sleuth then this is the series for you.
    I ♥ Brandy Alexander big time.

  7. Jo R says

    The MacLaren Yarbrough Mystery series (Thoroughly Southern Mystery series) by Patricia Sprinkle and the Blackbird Sisters series by Nancy Martin are some of my favorites. Of course, the Mrs. Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman is the series that caused me to find this site and all these great authors. I agree with others that Anne George is also great.

  8. Petie says

    I see most of my favorites have already been named above but I would like to include 3 of my favorites who got me started in cozy mystery reading: Lilian Jackson Braun’s CAT WHO series, Nancy Bell’s BIGGIE series, and Fran Stewart’s Biscuit McKee & Marmalade ones. I’m trying to find a new series to start but am almost afraid of being disappointed that I won’t get the enjoyment out of it that I’ve gotten from the ones listed. I read & re-read my old favorites. I’m going with my twin sister over Halloween week-end and invest in Halloween cozies – I’ve got the list printed from the ‘theme’ section & ready to hit the stores!

  9. says

    Some of my favorites:
    ~Cleo Coyle/Alice Kimberly: Coffeehouse Mystery/Haunted Bookshop Mystery
    ~Lorna Barrett: Booktown Mystery
    ~Jacqueline Winspear: Maisie Dobbs series
    ~Ellis Peters: Brother Cadfael series
    ~Sarah Strohmeyer: Bubbles Yablonsky series (so funny!)

    Some new to me ones who show great promise:
    Jenn McKinley: Cupcake Bakery Mystery
    Paige Shelton: Farmers’ Market Mystery
    Joyce and Jim Lavene: A Missing Pieces Mystery
    Sheila Connolly: Orchard Mystery and Museum Mystery

  10. gad1n10 says

    The ‘Mrs Jeffries’ series by Emily Brightwell. She is the Housekeeper for a Victorian Police Inspector. The entire housekeeping staff end up solving the case and feeding info to the Inspector.
    @Angela is correct about the ‘Haunted Bookshop’ series. They’re a great read.

  11. gad1n10 says

    Just took a ‘scroll’ thru your “What’s New” section and saw that you added Erle Stanley Gardner/Perry Mason to the site.
    I had considered contacting you once about his Doug Selby ‘The D.A. …’ series but wasn’t sure if they fit the mold.
    I inherited a Book Club collection of all Perry Mason/Doug Selby titles and what looks like most Cool Detective Agency titles.
    Both this series and the Cool Detective Agency(as A A Fair) (Bertha Cool/owner & Donald Lam/investigator) make me think of ’30s/40s serial’s. I can even imagine them as a ’50s more Highway Patrol than Dragnet TV show.
    I think Cozy readers would enjoy either series. Neither one falls into the Hard-boiled Detective or Police Procedure genre and they’re a lighter read than Perry Mason.

  12. Jackie says

    Miss Anne George. :(
    My biggest recommendation: Mary Daheim. Loved the entire Alpine series. Reading the bed & breakfast series now.
    Spencer Quinn – The Chet and Bernie mysteries are great. (And they’re available on CD!)
    And the last book I read that wasn’t part of a series – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was absolutely wonderful. Loved it.

  13. says

    Thanks to everyone who suggested a Cozy Mystery author for a new reader of Cozy Mysteries. There are so many really good authors who you all have suggested, that I am going to write an entry and post it on the Cozy Mystery theme page for people like Michelle – who may want some tips on who to begin with first… and second… followed by third… and so on!

  14. Catherine says

    The White House Chef mystery series by Julie Hyzy is terrific — there are three books so far, with the fourth coming out in early 2011. I highly recommend this series!

  15. Anne says

    Jackie, I love the Potato Peel Pie book, too. Probably the best book I’ve read in…oh, I don’t know…A long long time. Loved it.

    So many books to choose from. So little time to read these days. Can we get a couple more hours in the day?

  16. Diane says

    Anything by M C Beaton (Marion Chesney)….particularly her series with Hamish Macbeth or Agatha Raisin…you’ll love them!

  17. Carrie says

    The author who first got me hooked on mystery books was Dornford Yates’ Richard Chandos mysteries.

    Some of my recommendations are already mentioned in the previous comments. However, I would also recommend:
    Anthony Berkeley – The Roger Sherringham mysteries
    Catriona McPherson – The Dandy Gilver mysteries
    R Austin Freeman – The Thorndyke novels

  18. Margaret says

    I have just found your site – wonderful. Here’s another author for your list. Ellie Griffiths who writes the Ruth Galloway series. Ruth is an archeologist who lives near Norfolk, England.

  19. dave says

    I finished S.T.Haymon’s…A very Particular Murder, while not a cozy,I did find it a good read! I would also highly recommend Helen Simonson, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. This is NOT a cozy mystery, but if you love a wonderful…(all things British cozy read)…than you’ll love this book! Thanks and happy reading!

  20. says

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