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My daughter and I recently took a bus tour trip throughout the northeastern part of the US into Canada. We decided that neither of us wanted to drive so we would let the bus driver do the driving for us, while we enjoyed the beautiful views. (And, let the tour director worry about all of the details that one encounters on the trip… although, at the time we booked, we didn’t know that the tour director was going to be one of those annoying “encounters on the trip!”)

Anyway… back to the purpose of this blog…

I thought that I had packed absolutely everything I needed for the trip… until I noticed a fellow tour passenger enjoying his Sudoku puzzles. Drat! I had all of my books… both my audio and my “real” …. but I hadn’t packed my Sudoko books. I tried (unsuccessfully) to find one that I could actually see without having to put on my reading glasses so that I could still enjoy the scenery, without having to take off/put on those pesky reading lenses. I failed in my quest. (You probably can tell that I am a Sudoku fan, but not an avid Sudoku champ… since I lacked the foresight to bring along one of my two copies with extra large print.)

Imagine my (very pleasant) surprise this past weekend while I was trying to update my site’s authors’ lists…  There are now two Sudoku mystery series for the Sudoku enthusiasts amongst us…and I consider myself one of those… although not at the champ level!

Fans of Shelley Freydont’s Lindy Haggerty series will be delighted to know that she is now writing a second series… featuring Katie McDonald, a Sudoku champ…. The Sudoku Murder is the first book in this mystery series with a Sudoku theme.

Kaye Morgan writes the Sudoku Mystery Series which features Liza Kelly, the Sudoku creator for her Oregon newspaper. Death by Sudoku is the first in the series, and Murder by Numbers (the second book in the series) is scheduled to come out in ’08

Just in case you don’t know what Sudoku is, here is a Sudoku website that I enjoy using from time to time… It’s called, and it has different  levels. I actually started playing Sudoku on this site.

***To access more Cozy Mysteries by Theme click on this link.***


  1. Stephanie says

    Sudoku mysteries!  I wonder how they manage that.
    I wonder if any of your site’s viewers have read one of the Sudoku mysteries.
    Do tell us if you end up picking up a copy of one of the books…

  2. Eleanor says

    I just received a copy of “Murder on the Sudoku Express” . I think I saw the title at Barnes & Noble. I should have checked with your lists. It is not a mystery. It is a book of sudoku!!! Author, Michael Mepham, Published by Penguin. I love the puzzles so will do them but I was fooled!!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Eleanor, with a title like that, I am guessing those are killer Sudoku puzzles. As many as I have done, I am still at the “Medium” level. Good luck!

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