Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mystery Series is On SALE for Kindles

One of our Cozy Mystery readers (who would prefer to remain anonymous) sent me a note this morning telling me about this wonderful Kindle sale. (I’m sorry I didn’t check my mail earlier!) She asked that I tell you all about these great Kindle prices for Sue Grafton‘s Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mystery Series. (Make sure to check and see if the prices are still good.)

A is for Alibi….. $3.99

B is for Burglar….. $3.99

C is for Corpse….. $3.99

D is for Deadbeat….. $3.99

E is for Evidence….. $3.99

F is for Fugitive….. $3.99

G is for Gumshoe….. $3.99

H is for Homicide….. $3.99

I is for Innocent….. $.399

J is for Judgment….. $3.99

K is for Killer….. $3.99

L is for Lawless….. $3.99

M is for Malice….. $3.99

N is for Noose….. $3.99

O is for Outlaw….. $3.99

P is for Peril….. $7.59

Q is for Quarry….. $7.59

R is for Ricochet….. $7.59

S is for Silence….. $7.59

T is for Trespass….. $7.59

U is for Undertow….. $7.59

V Is for Vengeance….. $7.59

W is for Wasted….. $12.74

Kinsey and Me: Stories Free Preview….. FREE  (Has a story and some Sue Grafton autobiographical info.)

I’m sorry I’m so late in telling you this. I guess the old saying about “Better late than sorry” can be applied here.

Thank you, Anonymous!


  1. Sheila says

    For you Nook owners, I just took a quick look at Barnes and Noble site and the books are on sales there too. Same price as for the Kindle.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Sheila, it sounds like the publishers are being particularly generous. I love it when they do this sort of “author” sale!

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