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I have received requests for the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series list of books from quite a few people. These books are not mysteries, but (apparently) this Guideposts’ Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series is very akin to some of the mystery series which I have posted in previous entries:

Church Choir Mystery Series

Mystery and the Minister’s Wife Mystery Series

Heartsong Presents Mysteries

The Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series is a series of NON mystery chronological books, which is published by Guideposts. The series follows three sisters who live in Pennsylvania. Alice, Jane, and Louise run a Bed & Breakfast. The series is written by several Christian authors…

I have written another entry which has other authors who don’t use profanity in their novels (as far as I am aware!)


  1. Shelby says

    Guideposts has two other series along the same lines.

    Home to Heather Creek
    Stories from Hope Haven

  2. says

    Thanks, Shelby, for reminding me. I have also gotten requests to include both of those series, but am finding it a little difficult to pin down the authors of some of the books. I will post pages for them on the site pretty soon…

  3. Sarah says

    Grace Chapel Inn series and the Mystery Minister’s Wife
    series are the BEST I have read. Wish I had all the Grace Chapel Inn but just got in this year. Have all the Minister’s Wife series.
    Keep up the good writing.

  4. Kay says

    I have also loved Mysteries from Sparrow Island. Does anyone have an actual list of all the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn? I have read 47 of them. Are there more of them? Please let me know. Thanks.

  5. Abi says

    My mom orders them through Guidepost, and has all but two, and she gets them every few months. Does anyone know….are there only 47 books in that series??


  6. jinny says

    I also love and collect the Grace Chapel Inn series and know of only 47 books also. Nice to know so many others enjoy them too

  7. Cheryl says

    Tales of Grace Chapel Inn, is a fantastic series of Books. I have read almost half of them. My cousin, who writes under the name of Rebecca Kelly, Wrote about 6 of the books. She is a very Talented Writer. I am very proud of her, and all, that she has accomplished.Can’t wait to read the rest of the Series. I would like to extend a Special Thank you to all the Authors. I truly love this Series.
    Cheryl, Pasadena Maryland

  8. Maxine says

    I have a list of 47 also. But I just won a bid for one entitled
    A puzzling Occurance, which is not on my list of 47.???

  9. Dawn says

    Is the list that was published the correct order in which the Grace Chapel Inn series is to be read?
    Or, do they not need to be read chronologically?
    Thanks for any help you can offer! We are brand new to the series!

  10. Marilyn says

    I just started collecting/reading this the Grace Chapel Inn series, and I noticed on Christian Book Distributors there are three titles available beyond the 47 we know about now:
    “Never Give Up” by Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews
    “Rally Round the Flag” by Jane Orcutt
    “Sing a New Song” by Sunni Jeffers
    Does anyone know in what order these new three should be read?

    • Helen says

      Marilyn… According to the list I have, “Never Give Up” is number 31; “Rally Round the Flag” is number 20; and “Sing a New Song” is number 36, in the list of 47.

  11. Danna - cozy mystery list says

    Marilyn, Never Give Up is book 31, Rally Round the Flag is book 20, and Sing a New Song is book 36 of the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn…

    • shirley says

      How do I go about getting a current copy of all the books that have been written in the Grace Chapel Inn series? I’ve read about 13 books from the series and I just love them.I said copy but I meant current list. I get most of the books through the library but I need to know the titles of the books and the writers’ names to get them that way.

  12. Carol says

    I fell in love with these books through Guidepost and was really having a hard time finding them, until I visited Books-a-million at our local mall. I was lucky enough to find a few of them for only $5.00. But, they sell out so quickly. I’m so happy to have found your webpage with the entire list. After going through my books I found out that mine aren’t in the order they were published. So, now I will be on the hunt for the earlier ones. I just purchased the newest one, ” Christmas Memories” this week, that brings the total to 48 books and I only have 12 in my collection. I know what to put on my Christmas list this year. Blessings to all.

  13. Joyce says

    I too have had a terrible time finding the Grace Chapel Inn series. But on Monday Dec. 26,2011 I hit a gold mine. I was in Mardens in Lewiston Me and found many of the series for little to nothing in price. They were all new books so I grabbed as many of them that I did not have.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      You really did “hit a gold mine”, Joyce. I know that some people have found them at garage sales, as well as donation shops.

  14. Donna says

    I find a lot of good clean used books on ebay – and the prices are usually good, too! :-) Amazon may have them, too.

  15. Linda H says

    Summer of 2011 – between 6/20 and 8/22 I had two major knee surgeries and could only walk with a walker. Up until 6/17 I had been working full time in the electronic industry. We live far out in the country and I wasn’t sure how I would get through the months of surgery and then recovery. A friend loaned me all of the Grace Chapel Inn books and I read all of them. The wonderful stories truly helped me get through a very difficult part of my life and I will always remember the comfort and happiness they gave me.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Linda H, it’s interesting how we can remember certain times in our lives by thinking of the books we were reading at the time. You are lucky to have a friend who was looking out for you!

  16. shirley says

    I’m wondering if any more books have come out in the Grace Chapel Inn series, since Christmas Memories. Also I was wondering if the series Stories from Hope Haven by Guideposts is available in stores or only from Guideposts?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Shirley, I know that you can get some of the Grace Chapel Inn books from Amazon, and I think they are available from E-Bay. As for stores, I don’t know.

  17. Leon says

    I think, and I don’t think often because it hurts, it would be nice if the newest entries were at the top of this page instead of the very bottom. Just my thoughts.

  18. says

    Have just discovered that there is another Tales from Grace chapel Inn book being released October 1 2012. It is titled christmas Traditions by Sunni Jeffers and Pam Hanson. it is availabe through Amazon. I just pre ordered a copy for my Kindle Fire and it will be delivered to my reader on the release date.
    I read a description on it. It is much like Christmas Memories in that it goes back in time to when the girls were young. They share Christmas memories. Their mother was still alive and their father. Jane also gets to share some Christmas memories of when she was young. Of coarse Jane never got to know her mother. I believe it will be a very good read, because this time it is not compiled but was written by two very talented writers.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Shirley, thanks for telling us about the new Tales from Grace Chapel Inn book called Christmas Traditions. I just added it to my “working copy” of the October 2012 Mystery Book New Releases.

  19. Tammy says

    Based on another person’s reference to Amazon above, I did a search on Amazon today and sorted by publication date. It looks like 2 books are being released on 3/1/2013. One is called The Kindness of Strangers by Susan Meier and the other was called Talk of the Town by Anne Marie Rodgers.

    • Tammy says

      Looking at your list again, it looks like Talk of the Town is # 41 and Kindness of Strangers is # 23… so apparently these are not new. Sorry

  20. MARSHA M. says


    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Marsha, I have no idea if there will be a Tales from Grace Chapel Inn cookbook. Hopefully, if there is, someone will let us all know.

  21. Elizabeth B says

    Was #49 Christmas Traditions published in hardcover or just paperback? Also, I saw a list that mentions a book “Prayers and Pawprints” for this series…does it exist and is it available in hardcover?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Elizabeth B, here is the complete list of the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series (that I know of!). I wonder if the book you are thinking about is Diann Hunt’s Prayers, Paws & Providence, which I show as # 16 on the list. I show that #49 Christmas Traditions was published in paperback and is now available in Kindle format.

  22. ProudPitbullMama says

    I own many books in the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series they are such wonderful stories!! Definitely a forever fan!!! I will never part with these treasures and I am currently looking for the books I am missing! Just picked up one today at the Goodwill in my town. Every time I go to a bookstore I always look for any books in the series!! … many of the books I have in the series were picked up at a second hand bookstore (hardcover editions mostly and in new condition, they didn’t even look to have been opened much less read before … I picked up about 23 books in this awesome series that day, I was definitely blessed that day because since then it has been hard for me to find any of them :( … Sadly!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      PPM, it sounds like you lucked into going to your used bookstore that particular day. Someone must have just taken the entire Grace Chapel Inn Series. Lucky you!

  23. Shirley says

    I love The Grace Chapel Inn Series. Sadly they seem to have discontinued it. How could we as fans of this series get the message out to Guideposts publications that we wish to see this series continued. It would take more than one fan emailing them I’m certain. If we all want to see this series continued than we would need to contact Guidepost to let them know how we feel. Perhaps if we did then they would consider adding some new books to the series. It would be nice if we knew who to contact and have an email for that person. Could you help us Danna by finding out who we could email .
    Thank you and God Bless You

    • says

      Shirley, I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to contact GuidePosts, other than to go to their website and see if you can contact them through that. I just looked at their website, and couldn’t find a phone number or an email address for you to send your petition.

      • Shirley says

        Thanks Danna for trying to help me and I really appreciate it. I will try every way I can to let them know we would like more New books out in this series. Like I mentioned earlier it will take more than 1 interested reader of this series to contact them. So how about it you guys who like the Grace Chapel Inn Series. Let’s tell Guidepost what we think.

        • says

          My Mom and her friends LOVE those books! I hope you (Shirley) can find some contact information. Did you try looking inside the print version for the publisher’s address? It is usually on the page where it shows the copyright information and stuff like that, that nobody reads.

  24. Barb says

    I have been asking for the title lists of quite a few series:
    Chapel Hill and many others no one seems to be listening to me. Could someone answer my questions and/or send a list of the series that Guidepost offers?

  25. theresa says

    Would like to buy the rest of Kristin exhaust books. I have 1-20 if any one knows where I can get them let me know.thanks.

  26. PEGGY says

    Are there Grace Chapel Inn audiobooks other than BACK HOME AGAIN? We love listening to audiobooks when we travel.

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