The Carol Duvall Show and Aleene’s Creative Living – Where Have All The Crafting Shows Gone?

I have to “come clean” about this! I was absolutely addicted to The Carol Duvall Show and Aleene’s Creative Living >>> for years!

I found the Aleene’s Creative Living crafting show many, many years ago, when my children were still in grade school. I believe it was on every Saturday morning.I remember taping it and watching it on my trusty VHS tapes. Boy am I sorry I taped over those shows!

The fun thing about Aleene’s crafting show was that it showed the how-tos for fun children’s crafts… many of which my children enjoyed making. (A lot of them, of course, featured Aleene’s Tacky Glue, which I still use today.) This show was my first venture into televised crafting shows.

I then found The Carol Duvall Show, which was on HGTV, before that channel became what it is today… a home improvement channel. Let’s face it, how many shows do we need about knocking out room walls, how to re-tile your kitchen floors, or how to plant a few shrubs and trees to make your home look like it is worth $100,000.00 more than it really is? (If you know of a crafting show on that channel that is of the same quality as The Carol Duvall Show, please tell me! And, I don’t mean “That’s Clever”… ’cause it’s not!) There is a reason Carol Duvall was known as “The Queen of Crafts”>>> her show was simply the best crafting show I have ever seen!

It is at this time of year when I really start to miss (and reminisce about) these shows… especially Carol’s. Even when I absolutely knew I wasn’t going to try one of the featured crafts Carol showed that day (Yes, the show ran daily on HGTV… “before it became a home improvement channel”…) I would still enjoy the segment. It was just that good! I would DVR the shows to watch at a later time, and again, boy, am I sorry I didn’t keep those shows!!!

Carol used to have the Carol Duvall’s Holiday Workshop shows during November, in which she would feature the best holiday crafts for an entire week or two. Usually she would have her regular guests show a craft, but a lot of the time would be spent highlighting new people’s crafts. I never missed the shows, even the year Carol was in the hospital and Robb Weller (one of her producers) played host. Boy, am I sorry I didn’t keep those shows!

I am sorry that neither of these shows are on anymore… I am sorry that mothers and fathers of young children don’t have a show which can give them ideas of things their children would enjoy making, things that would add richness to their homes, items that would be cherished for many, many years to come. I am also sorry that these very same mothers and fathers of children don’t have a show which will inspire them to make wonderful heirlooms for their children to be able to pass on to future generations…

But, of course, the good news is this: If you want to find out how to knock that pesky wall out between your dining and living rooms… you have to do nothing more than turn on HGTV at any time of the day or night. And, while you’re at it, buy some shrubs for your front lawn!


  1. Denise says

    Check and see if you get Create. It’s a PBS channel and it has all kinds of how-to shows. Cooking, decorating, gardening, and crafting. They don’t have any general crafting shows, but they have lots of variety crafts covered. Actually, there’s a kids crafting show listed. I’ve never seen that one.

    Check your local PBS stations, too. We get about three of them and one or two have sewing shows my mom loves. You just have to dig through their schedules to see what’s offered. Now that we have digital cable, it’s a lot easier to see what channels we have but years ago I was surprised to see we get more than one PBS channel. Our local one isn’t much into craft shows but the others are.

    Do you watch Martha Stewart? She does a lot of crafts and I think she’s the only person appealing to new crafters. For all the great craft-specific shows out there, almost none of them appeal to people who aren’t crafting.

    Every now and then I check HGTV to see if it’s changed. I’m totally with you on that channel. It used to be fun but now there’s absolutely nothing on that channel I’m interested in.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Denise, I don’t watch any shows on the HGTV channel, either. Thanks for telling us about the Create channel… I’ll go see if we have access to it.

      I tape The Martha Stewart Show (or, as I like to call it: “The Home Depot/Martha Stewart Merchandise Show”)>>> but it usually takes me only five minutes to fast forward through it. I do stop at the crafting segments when she actually has one on…

    • says

      I agree with your comments. I too miss Carol Duvall she is a classy lady. I was a featured artist (2002 episode 1354 mud-cloth pillows) As a crafter I really appreciated the opportunity to showcase my work. It was a great experience. I hope there are enough of us who appreciate real crafting and still want to see shows like Carol Duvall’s to make a difference.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Sharon, I once met the Michael’s representative who went on Carol Duvall’s show many times. She said it was a real treat to be on that show.

  2. Laura says

    Danna: I remember those crafting shows on HGTV, too. The only crafting shows I can find now are on PBS stations. We have satellite TV and are able to pick up four different PBS stations. It is the two stations run from community college campuses that carry the crafting shows.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Laura, weren’t those shows fun?

      I just think it’s a total drag that there aren’t any television shows dedicated to crafting… other than than those that push projects that require specialized tools like workshop saws, or granite-cutting devices, etc.

  3. says

    I remember the crafting shows and there was also one (I can’t remember the host’s name) where she showed simple ways to tackle repairs around the home and then there was Lynette Jennings who had wonderful decorating ideas without spending a fortune.

  4. Denise says

    I loved C. DuVall’s Christmas Craft shows. I too miss the good old days of HGTV. They used to have a show called Trash to Treasure that was pretty good. I loved Joan Steffin’s Decorating Cents. Matt and Sherry(?) Room by Room and Decorating Cents’ Holiday Show were great. Loved the on a budget designs and ideas. I don’t mind decorating shows but make them so that the designs are affordable. I mean really who has that kind of money now a days?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Denise, I guess that channels like HGTV and A & E change because they need more viewership, which brings in more money. But, those channels certainly lost me!

    • Jan says

      Wow, I went to this site to try and remember some old shows on HGTV and you named several of them so thanks! I miss the shows and especially the hosts. It’s funny how we make connections with people on television and then wonder what happened to them. I rarely watch HGTV anymore since it seems like one long real estate ad! I also think that they should bring back all those shows, even if they are re-runs. Better than many new shows on today!

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Jan, you aren’t the only one who no longer watches HGTV. I agree that re-runs of the old crafting shows would be a lot better than the real estate do-overs they seem to enjoy so much. There must be a market for these shows, though.

        (Every year, at this time, I remember those wonderful Christmas crafting shows of Carol Duvall.)

      • Marsha says

        I wonder what happened to the TV networks. Now it is all these weird reality shows and sitcoms that aren’t funny.
        I too taped the Carol Duvall show and did a lot of her crafts with my two boys and their friends. They are all grown now but I bet they still remember the holidays.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          Marsha, I “VHS”-ed a lot of Carol Duvall’s crafting segments, but unfortunately we don’t have a VHS machine hooked up to all the rest of our television paraphernalia. Those holiday shows were terrific!

  5. Alfred says

    Hi Danna me and my mom used to watch those shows as well each time they where on. My Mom has the big binder of Crafts that Aleene published as well as autographed. I am like you don’t watch any shows on HGTV anymore except one it is called Cash & Cari. It is about a gal that helps families with estate sales. She comes in appraises items sets up the sale and sells the stuff for the family – nice show. It is on every Wednesday from 9 to 10 am my time so you need to maybe adjust your time if you can check it out once and see what you think.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Alfred, I know that progress makes for changes, but in my opinion, the HGTV channel’s progress has only made me change my television’s channel…

      It sounds like you all followed Aleene as long as I did!

  6. says

    There are a few streaming “TV” shows on the internet.

    One I think you will find interesting is

    sign up for email notices of upcoming “shows” There are about twenty contributors now – when I first found it there were only three or four.
    I was interested in crochet and knitting as well as other crafts, mostly to introduce young people to these.

    Tomorrow at 9 a.m. my time (Pacific) 12 noon eastern, is

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thank you, Andie, for telling us about the internet streaming shows. I’m not quite sure how it works, but I will definitely try it. Do you know if there is any way to tape it, so that you can watch it at a different time? Or, do you have to watch the shows as they are presented?

  7. says

    Hi! I’m Aleene’s daughter Tiffany. Just wanted to let everyone know that my sister Heidi and I have an on-line craft tv show at We share many of the vintage Aleene’s techniques along with lots of other craft ideas. A new episode airs Mondays at noon Eastern/9 am Pacific where we live chat while you watch the show and then the episode runs 24/7 for the week. All of our archived episodes are also available on our YouTube Channel – Hope you can join us on Mondays!

    Tiffany Windsor

    • says

      Tiffany I posted just before you did about my appreciation of your online show.
      It has been very helpful when I am helping the young women from the local shelter for abused women and children.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thank you, Tiffany, for telling us about your on-line craft tv show. I just “went there” >>> and watched as you made the fabric flowers. I love that you have this available for all of the crafters who miss “the old shows” that used to be on television.

      Andie, it’s great that you are able to incorporate some of the crafting ideas for your local shelter’s women and children!

  8. linda says

    I used to watch HGTV almost constantly! But the program format on HGTV and DIY have both changed so much that I seldom watch at all any more. I still like House Hunters but even that is getting old. The clients give a set budget for their houses, but the realtors will almost always show the people a house that is totally out of their reach.. Then people wonder why so many of us lost our houses. We bought houses we could barely afford. Then when we lost our jobs, people wondered why so many had to go into foreclosure and bankruptsy!

    Big mystery, huh? This forum is about mysteries, isn’t it?

  9. Deborah says

    I miss the old HGTV, too. I never watch it now. I appreciate the other comments with other crafty options to check into. Another show I used to watch was Kitty Bartholomew’s decorating show. She did simple and cheap things that gave a new look. I miss that a lot.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Oh my gosh, Deborah! HGTV really did have a lot of interesting shows back then… before the home and garden improvement shows took over…

  10. Kris says

    I used to watch hgtv daily and Decorating Cent$ was my favorite. I’m not a crafter, but they gave you so many good ideas that you could use around the house. There are over 200 network stations on my cable, and not one dedicated to home or decorating. Shame.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Kris, there’s another good show HGTV got rid of… I totally agree with you about the 200 channels… It is a shame!

  11. Donna (Merry Mishaps blog) says

    I feel the same way, Danna! And like most of those who have already posted comments, I used to watch HGTV daily but now I rarely tune in. My favorite show was If Walls Could Talk, along with the craft shows. Now it’s all about real estate and redoing bathrooms! It seems like we have hundreds of cable channels but they all show the same programs – so I wonder what is the point in having hundreds of cable channels? The only bright spot is that less TV viewing leaves more time for reading!

  12. Angela says

    I totally agree about HGTV it’s just not the same any more. I miss those old trash to treasure type shows too! I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old and we are always in Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s craft stores looking for some sort of rainy-day/mom needs some downtime projects to keep little hands busy without being plugged in to something. Plus I love doing crafty things myself. My list of crafts to try to teach myself is getting to be as long as my “to be read” lists! I do wish there were more how to shows on for crafty minded people.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Angela, I was really lucky to have access to those shows when my children were your children’s ages. I look back fondly at the fun the three of us had at the kitchen table…

  13. Patti says

    I thought I was the only one who missed both of those shows. I remember taping Aleene’s show and watching it when I got home from work. It was on CMT at that time. I also liked the Carol Duvall Holiday shows. Remember all the crafts shows that used to be on the DIY network until they turned that channel into another HGTV? You can only watch so much home improvement. I wish someone would come back with a crafting channel. I don’t even care if they would show old crafting shows, in fact, that would be great. I do tape Martha Stewart but only for the crafts when they are worth watching. I can fast forward through her show in 5 minutes, too. Oh, the good old days of good crafting shows.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Patti, isn’t it a shame that they took those shows of the air?!? I just don’t get it!

      Patti, I wonder if there aren’t a lot of us who zap through that show, or if most of the viewers are more interested in baking than crafting…

  14. Bets says

    Oh I totally agree with the theme of this thread — I miss Carol Duvall and the other craft shows mentioned. I no longer watch HGTH – a couple looking at a 1.4 $ house, and she whined I just hate this wicker furniture — does she not know she is buying a 1.4$ house not furniture? And all the people buying 2nd homes in the Carribbean or Belize, and whining (again) that the bathroom or closets aren’t like “back home”? The shows are all formula. Not entertaining at all.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Bets, a lot of that would go a looooong way! I’ve seen a few shows where those same whiny people looking at a house have actually laid down on a hammock, or sat in a chair, etc. of a house they have no intention of buying. Yuck!

  15. Judy says

    I’m a little late on posting this…

    Just thinking the other day about Carol Duvall and remembering how much I enjoyed her show. She was encouraging to her viewers and polite to her on set guests. Her show always felt like you were invited into her crafting room. Lynette Jennings and Joan Steffins were great hosts too.

    It’s obvious because of the economy people are choosing to fix up their homes rather than buy a different home and so the shows are leaning toward DIY home renovation. However, I agree that we can only take so much of it and would enjoy some crafting/sewing/quilting shows again.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I don’t know, Judy. If my husband and I tried to follow some of those home renovation shows directions, I am sure we would need to hire a contractor to correct our mistakes!

      I wish HGTV would invite some of their years-gone-by hosts (who I am guessing they fired) to do special holiday shows.

  16. Marla says

    Years ago, my friend and I went to the Craft and Hobby Show in Chicago. We met Aleene and Tiffany (and I think there was another daughter there maybe?) and they actually did a make-and-take with us! They were just as nice as they were on TV. Carol Duvall was there, too and signed autographs and was talking with everyone at the HGTV booth. Those were the days!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Marla, that would have been Heidi. She was actually on the show before Tiffany joined… at least she did most of the crafts before Tiffany became an integral part of the show.

      You’re right… “Those were the days!”

  17. Eva says

    I’m with everyone on this. I was just thinking the other day how TV channels are changing. I, too, miss the HGTV. I used to watch that channel the same way that I used to watch A&E. I no longer watch either of them. And, I agree – there are so many channels, but most of them are not really worth watching. The thing that is so upsetting is we are paying for them because they are part of a “package” and cannot be taken out by themselves.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Eva, you bring up a good point about channels like HGTV and A&E changing for what we think is the worse. It would be nice if our cable companies would allow us to choose the channels we want to pay for. We no longer watch either of those channels, but have to pay extra for the Smithsonian channel… which we do watch.

      (I know I wrote three months ago about getting DirectTV installed… We just decided to discontinue it, and went back to our cable company.)

  18. LinLin says

    Very special to find this thread. I found it after doing a search on Carol. The leader of my yahoo group sent her members a print out of a project by Sandi Genovese. This jogged my memory right to Carol, her lovely attitude, warm smile, love of the sock monkey and fantastic guest. I too miss her show and any of the others that were on HGTV/DIY. Thanks to those who have shared cool2craft resources. Will go there today. I wish there was a way we could all group together and share ideas and etc.

    • says

      HGTV has some old C Duvall shows you can watch (I had to hit the play button again once the advertisement ended) but here’s the link
      also if any of you have face book account you can sign up for Pinterest to share ideas and find crafting ideas. I agree it’s not the same and I miss Carol’s show a lot also. My favorite thing about her show is that it wasn’t taped and not always perfect and they always laughed at their mistakes which made for an enjoyable fun show. That create show sounds nice that you all have chatted about but my Directv doesn’t offer in my area.

  19. Danna - cozy mystery list says

    Thank you, LinLin, for telling us about cool2craft. I have great hopes that it will be a great resource… but I do miss my Carol Duvall Show and my Aleene’s Creative Living!

  20. Eva says

    Danna, I just thought of something interesting – is it possible that those of us who love mystery also love crafts? I just noticed that a lot of us here love to watch the same programs on TV.

    By the way, I used to do a lot of stitchery using beads and silk threads. I finally had to give it up because I couldn’t stop; I just never did anything anymore except stitch! I might have to start again, now that we are talking about it – but, with a little restraint this time.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Eva, good observation >>> Maybe those of us who really stick to our Cozy Mysteries enjoy the finer things in life!

  21. Jane says

    Hi, I remember being so excited when we 1st got HGTV on our TV. The Antique. gardening & crafting shows were all addicting. Plus BBC had the same genera. Now it is Property Virgins, Selling NY, the show with the housewife from NJ. I no longer have an interest in HGTV. In today’s economy how can anyone enjoy watching all the ridiculous amounts of money & demands that the people on these shows are showcasing. This is not meant to be a political statement. I just find it much more satisfying to make something & give of your self & your talents. We need crafting shows back on TV to help us learn or refine our artistic side to share with others. Where are you Matt & Sherri & Joan Steffin?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      It’s the pits, Jane, isn’t it? I especially miss all of these crafting shows during the holiday season. I literally used to go through every day’s schedule on HGTV (starting at the beginning of October) and annotate which of the shows was something I wanted to set up my tape recording device. There is not a one that interests me these days… (Jane, I had forgotten about Matt & Sherri!)

  22. Tammy says

    I’m feeling very nostalgic after reading all of the comments above. Like many, I was an avid watcher of creative and crafting TV shows like Carol Duvall and Aleene’s Creative Living, Matt & Sherri, Lynette Jennings….. come back, we miss you…

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Tammy, I would love to see HGTV bring all of them back just for the holidays. I’ll bet a lot of people would be very happy!

  23. Elaine says

    I just found your blog while doing a search for Carol Duvall. I watched Carol in the “old days” when she was on TV in Michigan. I loved the crafts she did even back then and was so upset when her show ended on HGTV. Does anyone know what she’s doing now? Thank you Andi and Tiffany for telling us about the Cool2Craft channel on the internet. Like everyone else here, I keep looking for crafting shows on other channels. I have found Matt and Shari on Create TV in my area with a new show called Around the House. Create TV has a few crafting shows (one called Crafting at the Spotted Canary has a website that has crafting ideas for kids as well as adults) so it has become my “interim craft channel” while I wait longingly for a complete Crafting Channel!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thanks, Elaine. I didn’t know about Creat TV… I just took a look to see if Matt and Shari are on any of the channels in our area… sadly, no.

  24. Genie says

    Looks as though there are a few of us still searching for some information on Carol. I am 72 and have been crafting all my life. No one has ever inspired me as much as Carol. I am also waiting for a TV channel dedicated to crafting.

  25. Carolyn says

    I used to record the Carol Duvall show faithfully and couldn’t wait until I retired, so I could watch it daily. I was unpleasantly surprised to see that HGTV and later DIY network went in another direction just before I retired. None of the crafting shows are on the air.I miss all of them, but the loss of Carol Duvall was particularly disappointing. I no longer watch HGTV or DIY network.I doubt the zillions of home improvement shows can maintain adequate ratings. If there is a “bring back Carol Duvall” petition going around, please let us know.

  26. Mary Ellen says

    I do miss Carol. I first saw her when she appeared on the Gary Collins show doing craft segments. She was a delight then. I don’t understand why networks think people getting angry and stomping around is entertainment.

  27. bobbi jo says

    I used to work for ALEENE’S CREATIVE LIVING and I loved going to work everyday. It was never work always fun. The people there were the nicest. I miss them all. I just found out about Cooltocraft online and will be there joining in everyday.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Bobbi Jo, my husband found the PBS “Create” channel for me two weeks ago, and I am really, really enjoying Around the House with Matt & Sheri, as well as the Katie Brown Workshop.

  28. Bobbi says

    I totally agree. I seldom watch HGTV. I miss the crafting shows. I did tape some of them. Some of my favorites. Simply quilts, Carol Duvall the Matt and Sherry show. I recently found them on create channel. It is called Around the House ….

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Bobbi, my husband is going to set up our channels so that I get the Create channel. Apparently, he has only opened up the channels that we actually use. Around the House will be on my television taping queue.

  29. Wanda says

    I so agree with you regarding HGTV lack of craft shows. I really miss Carol Duvall and others. I occasionally see Matt and Shari on our local PBS channel. I sent an e-mail to OWN network suggesting they add craft shows since they are trying to fill up time slots and find viewers.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Wanda, wouldn’t it be great if HGTB got back to what made them a household channel? Now that I found that special PBS channel, I tape every Around the House with Matt & Shari AND the Katie Brown Workshop. I didn’t realize just how much I missed my craft shows!

  30. Lillian says

    I was so excited this morning when I had a light bulb moment and googled Carol Duvall. Found this blog when I did, but also found the videos on HGTV. I have been making do with the internet as I am “into” making jewelry. and have found projects and videos that are helping me. I remember Lisa Pavelka on Carol’s show where she used clay to make beautiful things. I loved reading all the posts which brought back many memories.

  31. Teresa says

    I can’t stand it!! HGTV and DYI were my favorite channels. Even the PBS has some great craft shows…but no, they have to change their formate. I loved Carol, Simply Quilts,….CRAFTING shows not how to sell or buy a house. Even the great decorating shows are gone.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Teresa, I know this doesn’t help, but at least you know you are not alone. There are a lot of us who really miss the days when HGTV was more than just sell/buy/renovate a house types of shows.

  32. Robin says

    So glad I found this blog. I was looking for some online stencils which made me think of Mary O’Neil (Hot Potatos stamps) and of course Carol Duvall. I loved her show and also loved Aleene’s Creative Living. With all the people posting here, I think there would be a big market for good crafting shows. I will definitely check out!!

  33. Carol B says

    I feel the same way you do. I have watched Carol Duvall for years and always learned something new and learned how to perfect, what I already knew. I realized that some day Carol would retire but I didn’t think her type of show would be dropped or abandoned. I felt I knew Carol Duvall and her guests, I felt on the same level, I strived to make the crafts she and they presented. A long time ago in the 60’s, we truly made everything out of recycled materials, and had fun in the process and didn’t spend a fortune putting the things together. I miss Carol’s personality, the connection with her…I realize she might want some private and family time now, but is there no one else to pick up the format, is the format so old and stale that no one believes in it anymore? Ask the fans of the Carol Duvall Show…I think you might be surprised…

  34. Paula M says

    I remember taping all the shows (Carol Duvall, Junky to Funky, Crafters State to State,) I still have the tapes. I’m glad I found this bog, I was wondering where the crafters went.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Sorry, Paula M, but we aren’t a crafting blog… Every now and then I write about my favorite crafting shows, but we mostly talk about Cozy Mystery books.

      I think I can answer “I was wondering where the crafters went.” We went into withdrawal pangs! I don’t know where young mothers and fathers go now to find fun things for their children to craft! Well, I guess they go to YouTube or other places on the internet. But, they can’t be as much fun as Carol Duvall was to watch!

  35. Rita says

    Whoever let the Carol Duvall show go off the air should be fired. HGTV has too many show that should be canned. Many people were interested in crafting and whoever thought these people did not exist should have his (her) head examined. Was a survey ever done to find out how many watched the show. Her show was a hands on show and crafters are hands on people. Not everyone has the same interest, however Carol’s show was not only educational for crafters but a very diversified and knowledgeable program for crafters. Shame on the person or persons responsible. Was a survey done to see how many watched the show? A lot of the HGTV shows showing now leave a lot to be desired. Hers was one to be desired.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Rita, I wholeheartedly agree with you about the current HGTV channel, and its lack of shows like Carol Duvall’s!

  36. Bea says

    Well, it’s obviously unanimous–we’re all suffering an extended withdrawal from Carol Duvall, Alleene, etc. It is good to know that my aches are shared by so many. And I sincerely appreciate this thread. I’m finding it soothing.

    I’m trying to find out how the two wonderful women are doing physically these days. I think of both of them surprisingly often but can’t seem to find updates on either one. I certainly hope all is wonderful with both.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I know, Bea. It is “good to know that my aches are shared by so many.” But, it doesn’t help all that much, does it? When HGTV first changed their line-up (and by that I mean they changed into a home and yard improvement network), I was hoping that they would somehow “come to their senses.” Apparently this new line-up must be doing better financially than their old very varied line up.

  37. Dawn says

    I too really miss the craft shows!! I remember when my son was little and we would always be crafting something. I would tape all the shows to watch later and still have many of those VHS tapes. I love the create channel and was glad to stumble across I used to watch hgtv all the time back in the day, but not anymore.

  38. Janice says

    I’ve never written to a blog before, but I want to add my two cents worth about the Carol Duvall Show. I LOVED IT! I have used many of the ideas-techniques as a classroom teacher in a private school. I love to foster creativity and allowed the students to make a “literature response” for the stories they read. Even though I have crafted since the early 1960s, the students still come up with wonderful, creative ideas. We need Carol back! Thank you for the years of ideas and joy.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Janice, I miss the Carol Duvall Show, too. I have started watching the Craft Wars show on The Learning Channel… Jo Pearson, who was a frequent guest on the Carol Duvall Show, is one of the judges. I really enjoy seeing her on this new show, although I would prefer seeing her teaching us crafts, rather than just judging.

      I am so delighted that Tori Spelling has brought us this show for crafters, featuring crafters!

  39. linda c says

    You would think that some TV producer could get it into his or her thick head that there are a lot of people who still like shows like Carol Duvall and at least put these type of shows on in the morning or in the afternoons so that people who are home during those times of day would get the benefit from watching these, and there are still plenty of people home during the day.
    There is hardly anything really good on in the afternoon except the talk shows which are all the same, have all the same guest stars, all talk about the same things. The only difference between any of these shows are the hosts who all do most of the talking while their guest just sits there waiting to get a word in edgewise. The TV hosts are so rude interrupting their guests constantly!
    All we needed was another talk show but we did get a new one this week. It is just a continuation of the morning show. Yee gads! Don’t TV producers have any kind of imagination anymore? I turn the TV off and read. Saves a lot of electricity.
    I can’t see why the awards show for the best daytime TV has to be on TV for an hour. There isn’t that much on daytime TV worth giving an award for! I hardly ever watch the major networks anymore. They all seem to have the same type of shows, using the same plots. It is as if one network will come up with an idea for a show then all the rest have to try to come up with a so called better vision. Doesn’t work!!
    The previews for the new fall shows are showing just more violence, can’t hardly wait to see all of those . (Sarcasum here.) There is even going to be one about the mob. Goody, goody! Then people wonder why I watch so many sports. There is enough violence on these shows!
    Oh well, I get a lot of reading done. Mystery writers, keep writting!

    • Pat says

      Wow!! I thought I was all alone. I looked up Carol Duvall and am so happily surprised to read comments from all the crafters. Is there an address for all of us to send our wishes and comments to an HGTV person who might care? Or the OWN network? (I laughed out loud at many of the comments about the newer HGTV shows. Ye gads, are they for real? I agree with all of the above comments). Also, I love to sew and Martha Stewart seems to be the only person on TV who knows how to sew, although she shows very little sewing projects. I am thankful to read everyone’s “vents” and to know that I am not alone.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Pat, you can watch Jo Pearson (Carol Duvall’s regular guest from Michael’s) on the new TLC Craft Wars show.

  40. Mary says

    Wow. This is like kismet. I was just sitting here and for some reason I thought about Carol Duvall and wondered whatever happened to her! I did a Google search and that’s how I stumbled onto this discussion. I, too, miss those crafting shows! I was seriously addicted to both Carol and Aileen; my craft room is still filled with Aileen’s products! And I taped Carol every day and I didn’t tape over a lot of them. Luckily I still also own a vcr (can you tell I’m a pack rat?) so I can go back and still visit her. My daughter (who is now 32) still remembers our crafting time together. When I saw something I just had to try on Carol’s show, we would go to the craft store and find what we needed and try it at home. Does anyone remember when craft stores were really rare – before the days of Michaels and Hobby Lobby? I was always so excited when I found out a new one was opening and would spend hours there just looking at “stuff.” It’s nice to see that there are so many of us who feel the same way about craft shows. I know that “reality” shows are so much cheaper to produce, but pul-ease already! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Mary, it sounds like your VCR machine was going at the same times mine was. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to keep those taped shows. Much like your daughter, mine also enjoyed years of those same types of fun crafts. Before Hobby Lobby came to our town, we had a store called Crafts, Etc. that was absolutely fabulous for children. (I believe Hobby Lobby bought out Crafts, Etc.) Anyway, Crafts, Etc. had a “make it and take it” children’s craft class every Saturday morning which was fantastic.

      It is a trip down memory lane, isn’t it?

  41. Carla says

    I feel the same. I watched both of those shows, boy do I miss them, too. Hard to find crafting shows anymore. They just keep coming up with new show of the same thing. You are right, they have WAY too many of the same type of home improvement. I hardly watch HGTV/DIY anymore.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Carla, I don’t watch any shows on either HGTV or DIY. I remember when Carol Duvall was leaving HGTV, and they kept reassuring us she was only moving to DIY. Right! All I ever found on DIY was her old shows being re-aired, and I don’t believe that lasted very long.

  42. Dawn says

    I am totally in agreement about the craft shows, there are NONE today. Carol was fabulous. She was a gracious hostess, always knew what questions to ask (for the viewers). There is no one, that I have seen that can compare.
    I am sick of the home improvement shows, because even the ones that showed you how to do it are gone.
    I am interested in Polymer Clay and I did tape all of the Carol Duvall Shows that had polymer clay on them, and transferred them to DVD’s.
    I am so glad that I did that.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Dawn, there are a lot of us who wish HGTV hadn’t become the Home Improvement channel, but I don’t think we fit into their target demographics…

  43. Alice says

    What was funny about Carol’s show was that there were episodes that I saw what she was going to make for the day and I might have said “naw”, I don’t think I’m interested so much in that project. But by the time I watched the demonstration and the show was over, I would be grabbing my coat and running out the door to Michael’s or wherever to get supplies for that project. I truly believe the craft industry suffered somewhat when her show was gone. Demonstrations at the craft shop are nice but it doesn’t beat sitting at home and watching it on your tv at your leisure.
    There are wonderful things at the craft stores but unless you are shown the wonderful possibilities of a new item it goes undiscovered and not purchased.
    Back to HGTV, there is something that I especially am steamed about for the last few years. I really, really miss those specials for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    They showed how to decorate your home for these holidays and how to make beautiful projects. The shows were an hour long and I didn’t care about anything else that was happening during that hour. Those shows made me feel all warm and fuzzy and I was thankful to HGTV for those beautiful shows. Well that was then and this is now. Now what we have left to watch now is how to redo a house in 3 days or life will end as we know it.
    Hi Tiffany!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Alice, I totally agree with you about missing the special seasonal HGTV shows. I used to go through and pick out all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter specials they showed on that channel. Those shows really got me in the holiday mood. I kept looking for them for a few years after they changed their emphasis to home change-overs, but now I don’t even do that. I never find myself even checking that channel anymore.

      • Debbie aka the LadyntheRedhat says

        while trying to find info about crafts especially Carol Duvall I was directed to your site and was so delighted to find there are others who enjoyed Carol! these days there aren’t many shows that aren’t of that reality show mentality. I get so tired of hearing comments like “I really want to get that piece because…” In real life we are not invited inside people heads. while a little can be interesting seems like that is all there is. course I live with a disabled husband who loves to live in the past and watches too much alligator people, logging, pawning and alot of shows of that genre. Cooking shows are good to a point but many times they require ingredients that cost far more than my budget can afford. I could certainly use a program on computer using for many a time mine is evilly possessed and I either loose what I am trying to find, read or save! Yes many of the younger crowd get that knowledge in school (and seems like little else) but there are many who could use this info kinda like how to paint a picture with a blank canvas! Guess I am in a minority and do not have the funds to buy all these electronic gadgets I think there are lots of other people who don’t have the funds either. Crafts for me are a way to keep me sane. they are good mental health boosters wheather we actually do the project or just create in our mind. these kind of activities can boost the chemicals to help us all not age as fast and are a way for us to connect (these days we are islands unto ourselves – me i like people even those youngsters whose pants need some pulling up ha!ha!) while it is scarey to reply to a log I figure you can’t do anything bad to me except delete and then I would swear the evil one inside my pc did his evil magic and in political correctness it could be a her but I think this pc is a he! for there are so many buttons and steps to complete a male just has to be at the bottom of it all. I sure enjoyed reading all the replies. the Diamond Diva

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          Debbie, I’m glad you posted this commment. It looks like your PC wasn’t able to do any of his evil deeds.

          I truly miss the Carol Duvall show. I am sorry that young mothers aren’t able to see all the wonderful things they can do with their children. Even when Carol showed a more difficult craft, I was able to change things a little in order to accomodate my children’s skill levels.

          I can’t think of a show still being produced today that provides such a plethora of craft ideas for all ages.

  44. Carolyn says

    Martha Stewart is fine if you want to spend a lot of money to do a craft. Which by the time you buy all the items, its cheaper to buy it….Carol Duvall used home and simple craft items. You didn’t have to buy this and that. Usually you had the craft items at home…

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Carolyn, I don’t even watch Martha Stewart any more. It seemed like she stopped crafting in lieu of cooking all of the time. I will take a look at the shows’ descriptions once we get closer to the holiday months.

  45. Lisa says

    I was just saying to friends how much I miss those shows that showed you how to do simple, inexpensive crafts and decorating ideas. I really miss the holiday shows too. I was just surfing the web looking for some fall decorating ideas and came across this thread.
    I don’t get how in this economy those shows that HGTV has on now can thrive. Who has that kind of money? I never watch that channel anymore either. One of my favorite A&E shows, Sell This House, which showed inexpensive fixes to stage your home, now has a new format. They got rid of Roger and now they tear out entire kitchens and do major renovations….. Sigh

  46. Pam says

    I am just like you. Those were my two favorites and I miss them all of the time. There is not one show that has been on about crafts that is anywhere close to the quality of either of these shows. I am also like you in that I am sick of the real estate shows. And the funny part about that is that I AM in real estate and have been for 40 years and my husband is a broker that remodels. We are both sick of these shows. HGTV and DIY are not doing a service to their customers. There is too much “sameness” on t.v. these days.

  47. brenda says

    I really do think HGTV has succumbed to being an infomercial rather than a how to channel.
    I would like to know how Carol Duvall is doing, health, traveling? Why is it so difficult to find out some of this basic info?

  48. Barb F says

    Like everyone else, I really, REALLY miss the Carol Duvall show. I didn’t learn about it until its last 6 months of air time but that was enough to find out how wonderful it was and how there is absolutely nothing of its caliber available today.

    I would LOVE the opportunity to buy DVDs of the entire series–including the years I missed.

    I’m absolutely stumped that HGTV hasn’t figured out that they and their competitors have drowned us in home improvement shows (that really don’t present much that we can do without hiring pros to do it–like showing a gazillion fountains, but now how to lay the wires to actually make it work). Stumped that they haven’t recognized that home type crafting is at an all time high and that they haven’t got anything to compare to what they (HGTV) already had. I keep thinking they’ll re-run the series, but so far, they haven’t gotten that smart.

    I DO watch a lot of the Create presentations, but even though they do show some crafts, when compared to Carol Duvall, it’s like they’re giving us skim milk instead of whipping cream–so watered down that they’re only a vague shadow of what she presented to us on a regular basis.

    MAYBE if everyone reading this blog would send an email to HGTV requesting that they re-run the Carol Duvall series they might actually listen to us? I’m going to give it a try and I’m going to ask if they can please let it replace one of the gazillion home improvement shows.

    Thanks for reading!

  49. DEBI says

    I too miss Carol Duvall. I would love to see her old shows back on TV! I really enjoyed the Holiday ones she did at this time of year. BRING BACK CAROL DUVALL AND CRAFTING SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Fran says

    I get also nostalgic this time of year. I LOVED watching Carol Duvall, the sewing and quilting shows on HGTV. I do miss all of these great shows and ideas. What DID happen to HGTV? Why did they get away from all the things that make homemakers excited about being homemakers? Sad. When Susan Khalje’s sewing show went off the air, I was devastated and wrote the channel. Also Simply Quilts. They just didn’t want crafting or needle arts any more. I think it was a big mistake. I agree – bring back the wonderful crafting shows!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Fran, apparently HGTV is now geared toward people who want to spend their weekends doing Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects. I don’t know why they changed so quickly. It seems like they got rid of all of the shows you list at one time.

  51. Cindy says

    My daughter and I were fortunate to attend a tapping of a Carol Duvall Holiday show in 1999. We sat in the front row and this one segment, Carol came and sat in the audience right next to us. She asked us questions before they returned from commercial, and I found out she was from the town of Traverse City, Michigan where my husbands family is from. She was such a nice lady. I recorded her shows on DVD’s and after seeing the blog, it reminded me that I have some GOLD in my closet…I will be getting them transferred to CDs very soon

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Cindy, you are indeed a lucky person! While you’re transferring those Carol Duvall Holiday shows, take your time and enjoy them!

  52. Kathi says

    Was just remembering that this was one of my favorite times of the year. As you said in an earlier post, Carol Duvall would do her Holiday Workshop. What a treat. A whole week where the shows were live. You got to see what everyone looked like at that time and wish you could be in that audience. She was always upbeat and came up with great ideas. Did get to meet her decades ago when she was part of a craft expo at the old Michigan State Fairgrounds. I told her I had enjoyed her work for several years to which she replied “it must have been my older sister”. What a career she has had doing a job that always looked like it was fun. She is still missed. Create TV is a nice channel, but there’s no one like Carol!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Kathi, I think it’s a terrible shame that the HGTV channel changed so drastically, so quickly. I feel like it is a disservice to women and men who stay home with their children. When my children we little, I spent a lot of time coming up with things for them to make that they would both enjoy making and be proud of. Granted, some of the crafts were too difficult, but I could adapt them to my children’s ages. I doubt very many little children with stay-at-home moms or dads are going to be re-tiling a bathtub or putting down wood floors. Thanks, HGTV!

      (PS>>> What a treat that must have been to meet Carol Duvall!)