The Cozy Chicks Kitchen

Have you ever read a Cozy Mystery culinary themed book and thought you absolutely HAD to try a recipe? Have you ever listened to a Cozy Mystery culinary themed book and thought that a recipe being described sounded wonderful,  but alas, since you didn’t own a hard copy of the book, you couldn’t try the recipe?

Well, seven Cozy Mystery authors have gotten together and decided to do something about those types of “problems”.  The book is called The Cozy Chicks Kitchen, and the seven authors are:

Ellery Adams/J. B. Stanley (Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery Series & Supper Club Mystery Series),

Deb Baker/Hannah Reed (Yooper Mystery Series & Beekeeping Mystery Series),

Lorraine Bartlett (Victoria Square Mystery Series),

Kate Collins (Flower Shop Mystery Series),

Maggie Sefton (Knitting Mystery Series),

Leann Sweeney (Cats in Trouble Mystery Series), and

Heather Webber (Lucy Valentine Mystery Series).

In the book’s description, it says they cover all types of food categories: appetizers, entrées, vegetable sides, soups and salads, desserts, and even drinks.

Several people have written to tell me about the book, so that I could tell you all. It sounds like a really cute premise for a cookbook, and I’m hoping that authors who typically include several recipes at the end of their Cozy Mystery books (like Diane Mott Davidson) take up this great idea and put out cookbooks of their own. (Actually, with my cooking skills, I doubt I could replicate any of Goldy Bear’s recipes!)


  1. Petie says

    What a great idea! I have a “Cat Who…” cookbook from that great series and love it! Will definitely add the Cozy one to my collection.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Petie, please let us know if you try any of the recipes… and they are really good.

  2. Dayna says

    I have tried several of Goldie’s recipes over the years. Her gourmet spinach soup recipe has become a holiday tradition with my family.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thanks, Teressa, I forgot to add that in my entry. The Kindle edition of The Cozy Chicks Kitchen also costs $2.99.

  3. Andie says

    This sounds delightful. I have several cookbooks either written by or related to mystery series. I mentioned this in another discussion several months ago.
    I’ve tried recipes from several of the Diane Mott Davidson books, from the Hannah Swenson mysteries by Joanne Fluke (gave Joanne a quart of my bread and butter pickles and a pound of my homemade candied ginger at a book signing).
    I think the recipe I have prepared most often is the Dutch Baby pancakes recipe from “Killer Pancake.”
    I think at last count I had about twenty cookbooks with this theme.
    The most recent one I purchased was Joanne Fluke’s Lake Eden Cookbook. I made the Cinnamon Crisps and the Lime Balls during my holiday baking marathon last December.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Andie, I remember you “talking” about your mystery series cookbooks. How nice of you to give Joanne Fluke all of those goodies!

  4. Annette says

    I also love all the recipes in the “Faith Fairchild” the BODY in the ……. I have tried a couple of them (cookies mostly) and they are very good. Would be great if they would do a cookbook of all those recipes. Annette

  5. says

    I love this! I was thrilled when Joanne Fluke came out with a cookbook, but was a bit disappointed that she did not included anything other than deserts since she did include other recipes in her first Christmas book. Thank you for the heads up on this one. I look forward to checking it out.

  6. linda c says

    Danna , I really do love the mysteries that have the recipes in them but while I am reading the book I start to think that I should get up off my lazy behind and cook some of this stuff. But then I start to feel very bad about myself because I am not a very good cook. I can put a decent meal together. I am not totally hopeless in the kitchen. But if I can have the help of say Betty Crocker, Aunt Gemmima or even Mrs Smith to put a decent meal on the table I will do that. I like those meals that everything comes all together in one box. Hey, while I am purchasing this already made food stuff, at least I am helping to keep other people working!! LOL!!
    No, really I think I can feel my grandmother rolling over in her grave whenever I turn the stove or oven on!!!
    But hey, reading is supposed to be a fantasy or a fiction isn’t it?? So I will just fantasize about being a good cook. I can fry a mean chicken, though.!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Linda C, I agree with you about some of the recipes in culinary Cozy Mystery books being distracting. They don’t make me feel guilty about not being a great cook, they simply make me hungry sometimes… especially the chocolate concoctions!

      (My sister cannot believe that I make my holiday stuffing with the help of Stove Top. I use canned chicken stock, onions, and celery to “dress it up”. I, on the other hand, can’t believe she uses day-old bread and actually goes through all that mess of tearing it apart, etc.)

      • linda says

        Danna, Sounds like you just might have a sister like one of mine is. My sister thinks she is Julia Childs reincarnated. I love my sister but if I can get help cooking I am going to go for it!!
        Maybe neither my mother nor my grandmother probably cooked from a box but with these women both having bunches of kids, I’ll wager a bet that if they could have, they would have!!

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          Linda, my sister is now a vegan. Her intake consists of no animal products. (I believe, however, that she is still wearing leather shoes, etc.)

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