Three New Cozy Mystery Series Coming in May

I don’t know if any of you have been keeping an eye on the Cozy Mystery site’s new page entitled New Cozy Mystery Book Series, but if you have, you already know that three of our Cozy Mystery authors are embarking on new series during the month of May. Wow! We had three new series during April, and now we have three more Cozy Mystery series to look forward to. Personally, I think that’s pretty neat!

 Dorothy Cannell, that’s right, Dorothy Cannell of the very popular Ellie Haskell Mystery Series (The Thin Woman, etc.) is starting the new Florence Norris Mystery Series. Florence is a housekeeper for the very upper-crust Stodmarsh family. She works at Mullings, the country house that has been in their family for three hundred years. The series takes place during the 1930s. Murder at Mullings will be the first in Cannell’s new Florence Norris Mystery Series.

 Hannah Dennison of the Vicky Hill Exclusive! Mystery Series is finally back, and after a three year absence she will be bringing us the new Kat Stanford Mystery Series. Kat Stanford was formerly a television celebrity host who now owns the Honeychurch Hall Antique Shop in England. Kat and her mother, Iris, had been planning on opening a fabulous antique shop, however Iris bought a shabby, old carriage house on a country estate that is not in a good location for an antique shop. Besides all of this bad news, Kat is discovering she doesn’t know everything there is to know about her mother. Murder at Honeychurch Hall is the first of the Kat Stanford Mystery Series.

hughes,maryellenmar141485876878 Mary Ellen Hughes, the author of the Craft Corner Mystery Series as well as the Maggie Olenski Mystery Series, will be giving us the new Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series. This series takes place in Cloverdale, a small town in New York. Piper Lamb is the owner of Piper’s Picklings, a shop which specializes in pickels and preserves. Piper is given a great opportunity to showcase her pickles at the Cloverdale Fair, but instead of highlighting her pickles, she ends up having to highlight her sleuthing skills.The Pickled Piper is the first mystery in the Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series.

I don’t have any new Holiday Cozy Mysteries to tell you about this month, but I believe there are a couple I’ll be telling you about next month.

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  1. MJ says

    It appears that the hardcover version of Dorothy Cannell’s, ‘Murder at Mullings’ has already been released. It looks like the Kindle/Nook version won’t be released until May 1st. Go figure!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      MJ, thanks for the info on Dorothy Cannell’s Murder at Mullings. I remember something like this happening with a Jeanne M. Dams book. (I think it was a Dams’ book…)

  2. Emma says

    I have been enjoying a sweet cozy series by Elaine Orr. Her protagonist is Jolie Gentile, a realtor in a small town on the Jersey Shore.

    I am excited to see there is a new Susan Wittig Albert China Bayles out. I rely on your site to keep up with new releases. Thanks so much! Emma

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Emma, you’re welcome. And thanks for telling us about Elaine Orr’s Jolie Gentile Mystery Series.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thanks, LuAnn, for your endorsement. It’s good to know Murder at Honeychurch Hall is so good. (I take it you got an Advanced Reading Copy since it isn’t out yet…)

  3. Billie says

    This is not a comment, although I am excited that Dorothy Cannell will be having a new series. Its a question. I don’t think the books are a cosy mystery, but it is a series set in England with a Inspector, a daughter or it could be a son. The Insp. has a girlfriend who is a teacher. I believe the author is actually 2 people, but it’s by Savannah somebody. Any ideas? I am currently rereading some older series, abt. Brother Cadfael, Lt. Leaphorn, Richard Jury and am now caught up, I think with the Kate Ellis books.

    • Judith says

      You might be thinking of the Superintendent Bone series by Susannah Stacey (Jill Staynes and Margaret Storey). The first book in the series is Goodbye, Nanny Gray. Superintendent Bone has a daughter and does date a teacher.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Judith, thank you for suggesting Susannah Stacey to Billie. Based on the clues, and what your comments says, it looks like you came up with the unknown author.

    • Billie says

      I think that is the series I was trying to think of. Now if somebody can recall the author who wrote a series set in New Jersey(?) The woman in the series was named ——–Austin. She had a big Italian family and ended up dating a policeman, maybe of Spanish descent. And I don’t think of the Kate Ellis/Wesley Peterson books as cozies, but I like books with an archilogical(sp) flair. I recommend Nancy Atherton, Aunt Dimity series and drat her first name just escaped me, ——Dunn. Thank yall in advance and thank you Judith.

      • Judith says

        I haven’t read these, but Jane Rubino has a series featuring Cat Austen, a single-mom reporter, and Victor Cardenas, a police detective, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The first book in the series is Death of a DJ. Also, are you thinking of Carola Dunn who writes the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries?

  4. Ria S says

    Your blog gave me an idea. Why not have a personal shopper create a list of mysteries for me, i.e a particular person. I say this because I have had a hard time selecting mysteries online. It’s much easier for me to select a book in a bookstore.

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