Two New Holiday Cozy Mysteries Being Released in April

OK, OK, most of you know that I depend on my holiday mysteries to help get me in the seasonal mood. Living down here in San Antonio, where the weather is pretty much somewhat cold (only occasionally), warm, hot, humid, and hotter >>> I sometimes forget that it’s fall or winter. So I am pleased whenever I see a holiday mystery being released. And in April, I am glad to see that there are two of them.

The first seasonal mystery is the third in Connie Archer ‘s Soup Lover’s Mystery Series. It’s called  A Roux of Revenge and is set during the harvest festival in Snowflake, Vermont. Oh my gosh! Autumn in Vermont! How much better (and colder!) can you hope for? It takes place during the most beautiful time of the year, the time when the leaves are putting on their colorful shows. Different hues of browns, yellows, and reds. Put the Campbell soup away. It’s time to spend some time in By the Spoonful – a place where all soup lovers can converge.

Now that we have finished with the Harvest Festival, it’s time for Halloween. Liz Mugavero will be releasing her second mystery in her Pawsitively Organic Mystery Series. It’s called A Biscuit, a Casket and it’s a Halloween theme mystery. While our sleuth, Kristan “Stan” Connor, is making organic cat and dog treats, Halloween is descending on this little town in Connecticut. The organic dairy will be hosting a costume party for the dogs in town and also hosting a Halloween haunted maze. Unfortunately the maze turns out to be a whole lot scarier than expected!

These two holiday Cozy Mystery books will be joining the rest of the Halloween and Harvest Celebration page:
Halloween Mystery Book List


  1. Jackie J. Griffey says

    Danna: I guess my Snafued Snatch ebook would qualify for the HALLOWEEN LIST. It’s about two no-goodniks who are not making anything holding up convenience stores and decide to try kidnapping. So they carefully choose their victim, lay their plans and abduct her from a Halloween party – the only problem is they get the wrong woman! When she wakes up in the back of their van, and learns by their conversation she’s been kidnapped, she smiles to herself comparing the amount they are going to ask for her to her and her policeman husbands’s bank balance compared to Grace, the victim’s balance. But what’s going to happen to her when they find out she’s not Grace?

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