What Do Tim Myers, Chris Cavender, Casey Mayes, Elizabeth Bright, and Melissa Glazer Have in Common?

So, you may ask, just what DO they have in common?

Tim Myers is the author of three series: the Soapmaking Mystery Series, the Candlemaking Mystery Series, and the Lighthouse Inn Mystery Series.

Elizabeth Bright is the author of the Card-Making Mystery Series.

Melissa Glazer is the author of the Clay & Crime Mystery Series.

Chris Cavender is the author of the Pizza Lover’s Mystery Series.

Casey Mayes is the author of the Math Puzzle Mystery Series. (I have yet to make the Mayes page…)

The above information is very well-known. But, did you know that all three of these authors are one in the same person? While I was vacationing in beautiful Colorado I was sent an e-mail by a trusty, well-informed source (yep, the librarian I spoke about in at least one other blog)  who let me in on the latest disclosure: Melissa Glazer could be added to the pseudonym list for Tim Myers!

So, for all of you Tim Myers fans: You now have more books to enjoy by your favorite author! Actually, the same goes for all of you Elizabeth Bright fans, as well as all of you Melissa Glazer, Chris Cavender, and Casey Mayes fans!

Again, I have to thank Janet (my special source of all types of cozy mystery news) for letting me know that Melissa Glazer could be added to the list of Tim Myers pseudonyms.


  1. I was just wondering since it’s summer, if there were any vacation themed cozies.

  2. Hi Waynette,
    If you check on the Easter Theme page, you will find some Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day mysteries.
    I just added a Golf Mystery Theme, which might have some summer-y ideas…
    Also, if there are any site readers who might know of some very summer-y cozies…. Please drop us a line.

  3. I love all those books but I haven’t seen anything new in the Tim Myers and Elizabeth Bright series in a long time. I really miss them!

  4. Hi Shan,
    Hopefully you will enjoy the Melissa Glazer books. I’ll keep watching to see when Tim, Melissa, and/or Elizabeth put out a new book…

  5. I have spent thousands of dollars in card making supplies because of Elizabeth Bright!!!!!!!!!!! It sounded like a fun way to get creative and I’ve got my granddaughter hooked too. But other than that, I’m the only other person I know who does it, who lives in Alaska any way.

    So now I’d like to read more about making cards so tell Tim to get his butt in gear!!!

  6. I’m probably last to know this, but since I don’t see this pseudonym here, Tim also is Chris Cavender writing Pizza Lover’s Mysteries.

  7. As I understand it, he is also Jessica Beck. : )

  8. So who is chris cavender, tim myers, elizabeth bright, etc. REALLY? It would be nice to know who’s actually writing these great cozies.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Oiseauk, I’m really glad you asked about Tim Myers, Chris Cavender, Casey Mayes, Elizabeth Bright, and Melissa Glazer. Because of this question, I went on to “their” different pages on the Cozy Mystery site, and found that I actually didn’t have all of “their” books listed. Tim Myers had published one more mystery book than I had posted under his Lighthouse Mystery Series, as well as a short story in his Candlemaking Mystery Series, and I found out that he is now writing the Slow Cooker Mystery Series, which has two books in it. Also, I became aware of a future Math Puzzle Mystery Series book – which he writes as Casey Mayes.

      Here is his website: http://timmyersfiction.com/

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