Links to Other Sites of Interest…

Amanda Matetstky… Matetsky is the author of two series: the Paige Turner Mystery Series (set during the 1950s) and the Annie March Mystery Series.

Christie Capers is a wonderful resource for all Cozy Mystery readers. After visiting this site, you may want to motivate your own hometown’s library to sponsor something like this! It is a phenomenal mystery-buff’s site! I know that after I visited the site for the first time (followed by a second, third, ETC!!! time) I thought about how lucky the people are in Windsor Locks, Connecticut!

Looking for a Mystery? is an absolutely terrific site. If you are “Looking for a Mystery?,” you will surely find what you are looking for right on this site. Mystery books are separated into different categories… Are you a quilter, with an urge to find out who has been murdering while they were supposed to be stitching? Or, are you a super supper-maker who wants a little mystery put into your culinary-filled days? You will find all of this, and much more on this very informative site!

Maria Hart Mysteries  This is a series I just found out about. The author, Chris Forman is a high school teacher in New York.

Nero Wolfe has a site dedicated just to him (and his author, Rex Stout) which is one of the most all-inclusive sites you will find! If you want to find out anything (and I mean ANYTHING!) about Nero Wolfe, then do not look any further, simply click on this site.

Roberta Isleib    Isleib is a clinical psychologist who writes two mystery series, one about a professional golfer/sports psychologist. Isleib’s second series is about a psychologist/advice columnist.