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Christmas Mystery Book List

If you're anything like me, you enjoy reading a good seasonal mystery book. I have compiled a list of many Christmas mystery books that I have either read, or will be reading during a holiday season. There are some authors who specialize in giving us seasonal books. These authors work major holidays into each of their novels, which make the novels especially fun to read during certain times of the year. Leslie Meier, Jane Haddam, and Lee Harris are three such authors.

Now that I am an "empty nester," some of the "holiday hustle and bustle" is no longer present in my life... and I find that I crave a little "holiday-themed chaos." It is for this reason that I stock-pile holiday theme mysteries. My children may not be home to shake the gifts under the tree, but I can always rely on a good holiday mystery to shake me up!

(I have broken up the Christmas mystery book list because there are so many books. I thought these sizes would be more manageable for you.)    

Authors Beginning with A, B, & C    

Authors Beginning with D, E, & F

Authors Beginning with G, H, I & J    

Authors Beginning with K, L, M, N & O

Authors Beginning with P, Q, R, & S

Authors Beginning with T, U, V, W, & Y

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Holiday Buzz by Cleo Coyle (aka Alice Kimberly)
Holiday Buzz

Trimmed with Murder by Sally Goldenbaum
Trimmed with Murder

Treacherous Tart by Ellie Grant (aka Joyce and Jim Lavene & J.J. Cook)
Treacherous Tart

Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen by Emily Brightwell
Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen

Mulled Murder by Kate Kingsbury (aka Allison Kingsley & Rebecca Kent)
Mulled Murder

The Body in the Sleigh by Katherine Hall Page
The Body in the Sleigh

Murder She Wrote: A Little Yuletide Murder by Donald Bain (w/ Jessica Fletcher)
A Little Yuletide Murder

The Gingerbread Bump-Off by Livia J. Washburn
The Gingerbread Bump-Off

Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine, & Leslie Meier
Gingerbread Cookie Murder

Merry, Merry Ghost by Carolyn Hart
Merry, Merry Ghost

Plum Pudding Murder by Joanne Fluke
Plum Pudding Murder

Murder with All the Trimmings by Elanie Viets
Murder with All the Trimmings

Fleece Navidad by Maggie Sefton
Fleece Navidad

The Clue is in the Pudding by Kate Kingsbury (aka Allison Kingsley & Rebecca Kent(
The Clue is in the Pudding

The Christmas Cookie Killer by Livia J. Washburn
The Christmas Cookie Killer